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Feb. 14 – Looks like I was wrong about there being any football talk. But that actually just makes me like the forums more. Screw football. Unless it is the Mario Strikers kind. Anyways, while there haven’t been a lot of new topics created, that’s alright since I’m going to select another of the big news highlights from the last Direct which is the DLC tracks for MK8. At the very least, it’s worth checking out for Adrock’s bang-on Simpsons meme usage. Any tracks you are hoping to see pop-up? Have you played Mario Kart Tour or will those be new tracks for you? Let it be known in today’s Topic of the Day!

Feb. 15 - I was wondering what I should make for today's topic and suddenly it appeared just in time for this post! The big news that the 3DS and Wii U eShop offerings have an end date for purchasing has just been announced. Check in the Talkback thread for details and lament why Nintendo keeps offering games for a limited time. First it was Super Mario 3D All-Stars, then Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light and now all the 3DS and Wii U eShop games!! Why does Nintendo keep doing this to its fans?!  >:(  Sad Topic of the Day.  :'(

Feb. 16 - It's back! You thought it was dead and gone but the Best of the 3DS eShop series has returned picking up with Part 3 of 2013 releases. As people contemplate if there is anything else they want to get from the 3DS eShop before it closes, perhaps these threads that put some attention on a small chunk of the games available on the eShop will help in the decision of titles to investigate or look up. There's also the Best of the 3DS eShop Series Master Thread to help you look back at previous editions in this series. It's the eShop Topic of the Day.

Feb. 17 – After highlighting the Best of the 3DS eShop series, it just seemed natural to follow it up with highlighting the Best of the Wii U eShop series that Mr.Bungle created for these forums. I was going to see if he wanted to do a “Hub” Thread like I created for the 3DS to group all the threads in the Wii U series together. I then saw that he used his Series Wrap-Up thread to link all the threads for the Wii U eShop series. Thus, it is that thread which I shall link to as the Topic of the Day.

Feb. 18 - Might as well continue the week's theme of 3DS/Wii U topics by highlighting the My Nintendo memories for 3DS and Wii U thread. It was created as a place to post your Wii U / 3DS stats of fame/shame something I still need to get around to doing. Everyone loves gaming stats, right? It's why we want a Daily Play Log added to the Switch ahead of folders. ;) Topic of the (Way Behind) Day.


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