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Mafia 88: Hey Pikmin, Four...m A Mafia! Day 1.

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Tough times at Hocotate Freight! Recently, my wife has been hounding me because we don't have a great vacation like her friends do. But vacation homes are expensive and I don't have that kind of cash on hand right now after having a special freight request to send some bananas to DK Isle. I had to buy some expensive insurance for the freight since it passes through the Monkey Ball galaxy.

I was in a quandary as to what to do when I remembered planet PNF-404. Since it is uninhabited the land will cost nothing! Sure, there might be some tricky wildlife to watch out for but I'm sure that won't be too much of a problem to deal with. As such, I've assigned my best employee, Olimar, to go to the planet and clear out an area so that I can have my wife's vacation home built there. She'll be the envy of all her friends with such a rare and exotic spot. And if Olimar happens to find any treasures as he clears the area then this vacation home may pay for itself. Ho ho! Now that's working smarter and not harder. I hope Olimar reports in soon. I need some status update that I can give my wife already.

Announcement Post

Welcome to the 88th NWR Mafia Game. Thank you again for finding time to fit another game into your schedules and be willing to participate in them. I hope this game provides some entertainment for you all as it unfolds.  :)

Voting Time: For Day 1, the Day Thread will be open for a maximum of about 46 hours. Voting will end and the thread will close at 12:30 AM EST Feb. 2 aka 9:30 PM PST Feb. 1. However, the thread and Day could end earlier if a Majority Vote is reached.

Majority Vote: There are currently 18 players still alive in this game meaning 10 votes would be needed to achieve a Majority Vote.

Contact From or Contacting The Host: If you want to contact me via private messages on the forum or through Discord and the NWR Server, I will be doing my best to keep checking both places and be available to you through the medium you prefer. As well, if you would prefer I contact you either here or on Discord then let me know and I'll try to make that my primary way to communicate to you for when I need to reach you on a matter.

While it is not necessary, if player's wish to include me in the messages they send to other player's, I am always grateful for that as it allows me to see how people approach the game and the rules and roles in place for it which is useful feedback for hosting future games and what to possible tweak or leave alone.

Voting Requirement: There is no voting requirement for this game. No one will be automatically eliminated if they haven't voted for so many days. I leave it to the players to decide if they will let other users stay under the radar with little voting activity.

Role-Playing: As always, there is no rule or bonus for roleplaying. If you are able to stretch your creative muscle to find a way to roleplay in the game then go for it as it can help add an extra fun element to the game. This one may be a bit more challenging due to the fact most of the creatures in the Pikmin universe are just creatures with certain habits, attacks and weak points. You are free to roleplay as any character whether they are being used in the story or as a role in the game but beware that it may make other players suspicious of you and whether or not you are trying to send a message by roleplaying as that character. I cannot intervene to say whether you are just roleplaying or not.

Rules and Roles Thread: After doing a good job of getting things posted in there, I then went and got addicted to Hollow Knight at the worst possible time. I'll finish getting that thing edited tomorrow.

No Vote: The No Vote option is back for this game. Much like in Pikmin and having to take some time to organize and plan the recovery of a treasure, this game may also require that for both sides as they try to gather info. As such, the No Vote option may be something that everyone will appreciate this game as a chance to stay safe and see what happens through the Night Actions but that will be up to all you players to decide of what you think is the best course of action.


Let's hit Start and do this thing. Game is now live.

If you are a pellet posey like me then you know the dangers of these imperialist Hocotates.
Let's band together and root out these invaders. Who is with me?
Also, I did not realize that DK and Monkey Ball were part of the extended Pikmin universe  ???

I've finished reading the rule tome and there's some fascinating stuff in there. The Pikmin gimmicks are super in-depth.

Also need to keep an eye out for the bombs and the rookie cop. This game's packed!

I'll start with the only way I know how, luring people put into the open. If you respond in the thread I will withdraw my vote.

Vote nickmitch


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