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Episode 744: Nintendo Switch Online Expansion WinPak


I see you've selected WinBack.http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/rfn/58782/episode-744-nintendo-switch-online-expansion-winpakThis week we start the show with a boatload of emails: the Online Expansion Pack (and chat about the Animal Crossing DLC), playing Ogre Battle 64 in 2021, the qualities of a reproduction Nintendo 64 controller, Dynasty WAHiors, and Nintendo's next big DLC pack. We didn't clean out the backlog, but we got a good start. Be sure to dump your email here.After we finish our email, we dive into a little bit of New Business. Greg and James are playing with "literal f***ing clown shoes" Sora, the final DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and confront the nothingness that now awaits. Guillaume and Jon are playing review copies of Tetris Effect: Connected for Switch.

Tetris Effect is freaking incredible. Holy ****.

Honest, DynastyWarriors+Mario+Rabbids is a formula that appeals to me. Though, um, maybe let Ubi make it. Now that I'm thinking about M+R and the DK DLC specifically, Donkey Dynasty Warrior Country would absolutely slap!

Disappointed with the lack of troll answers to the DLC inquiry, so here's calling for a massive expansion, essentially a sequel, to 1 2 Switch called 1 2 Switch 3.

I actually thought 2 3 Switch inevitable.


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