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The Nintendo Advent Calendar platformer is coming back after 15 years!

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Hi there,

Edit: Pasting the campaign link here. Thanks to UncleBob for allowing:
Mission in Snowdriftland - Kickstarter Campaign

First of all, this is not meant as and advertise thread, but as a place to talk and inform about the Nintendo advent calendar game "Mission in Snowdriftland", which was published 15 years ago. I hope there are many users who still know about this and are still active. In case there is something not in line with the rules, I ask the mods to contact me.

So does anyone remember the Nintendo advent calender platformer game called Mission in Snowdriftland, which came out 15 years ago?

It was a marketing game presented by Nintendo in retro pixel art style and meant as a tribute to classic platformers like Super Mario. You played a little snowman called Chubby and could open a door of the calendar each day at Christmas time to play one level. At the end of each level you unlocked exclusive goodies like wallpapers, desktop icons, ringtones, etc.

As I am the designer of the game I am curious to know if there are people who still know about it or even played the game back then?

I thought beside a healthy discussion about the old times it might be interesting for many users who already played the original one and are still active on the forums to know that we're planning to bring it back this winter. Yes, 15 years after its first appearance, it's been a looong time :D Unfortunately it won't be on a Nintendo console for now, but on PC/Steam.

Here is a screenshot of the first level:

And is it ok if I post a link to the official website? I don't want to break any rules, so I better ask before.

However I really would like to hear your thoughts about the original game, in case you played it or even if you didn't :)

I saw a video about this game once but it came and went well before I'd heard of it

Have at it.  Post away!


--- Quote from: pokepal148 on August 26, 2021, 07:07:20 PM ---I saw a video about this game once but it came and went well before I'd heard of it

--- End quote ---
I assume you watched the video of Nick Robinson about the history of the game :) The original game was available for only 1-2 months. Then we put it online in 2010 again as a promotion for our WiiWare title chick chick BOOM. But this was also only available for a season.

So hopefully the "vanishing" curse on our game will end this winter  :rolleyes:


--- Quote from: UncleBob on August 27, 2021, 03:18:47 AM ---Have at it.  Post away!

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What do you mean?


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