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So... who's into Orta?

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I rented it a few weeks back ... beautiful graphics, the best being Episode 2 imo.

Anyway ... I thought that the game was way too short and I didn't feel that shelling out my $50 was worth it ... great rental though, but the ending wasn't as good or nearly as long as I thought that it would be. Hard as hell game btw, especially in the later levels.  

Sir Kero:
Thanks Paladin, but actually that still leaves some big questions..

beware of spoilers, any of you who may actually play Panzer Dragoon Saga

Azel saga was intended to end the Panzer Dragoon series and begin a new storyline. I haven't played through the game myself, but I've been lead to believe the eternal part (or soul if you will) of the dragons had attained its goal, and left for good. Doesn't that mean the new dragon has no soul (not the same one at least)?

my bro just pointed out another problem..
Main characters in Azel Saga:
#1:  Male human.  Sucked out of normal time-space.
#2:  "Female" ROBOT!!!  Shown in epilogue some months after the end of the game, clearly not pregnant.
As if you're going to hunt down a used saturn and (possibly) the most coveted SS game world over. pshh

so uh.. I must have missed something, because.. I'm still confused!

thanks anyway ^_^;

Agh, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! Rent it, its short, easy and.... its.... gagh, you dont fly it flys for you and you shoot! And since it locks on theres virtually no talent needed, i cant believe I wasted money onb this!

David G:
I rented it and it was pretty easy.  Might be worth buying to some, but definately a gotta rent game.


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