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Karma is back for a trial run!

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So, forum karma is back (the score under your name) for a trial run.

It works really simply.  Your overall karma can be applauded or smite-ed which adjusts your score up and down.  Mods can always rate posts.  Other users can rate posts if their karma reaches +5.

This is a TRIAL RUN.

If people whine and complain about their score, the system will be taken away again.

That is all.

WAAAHHHH I don't see it.

Do you need a certain theme to view this Karma or am I just immune to it?

edit: I see it now

that Baby guy:
What's the rule on bragging about your score?  That's still cool, right?  Because I've got one point, and that's two points more than BNM has.

There is a dark side to every light side.

+ points are the result of leaving an apple on the teachers desk everyday
- points are for the kids too cool to care about some silly rating system

Mop it up:
So right now, only the moderator/administrator group can give/take points, and if someone reaches five, they will also have the option?


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