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--- Quote from: RABicle on October 01, 2008, 12:26:33 PM ---**** me.

--- End quote ---

damn it! I was in the process of making the same exact thread too...

oh well here what I had finished on the wins category....

mafia 27 Mafia win. Thatguy - Godfather; Zach - Mafia Goon; Stevey - Mafia Goon!
mafia 26
mafia 25 stevey spak khush (blue-townies) Win
mafia 24
Mafia 23
Mafia 22
Mafia 21 Pale, Sessha, Sister Mary, Darkheart, Dasmos, Decoyman, and Wandering
Mafia 20 winter mafia: Mafia win: Khush stevey, TVMan, & KashogiStogi
Mafia 19 Townies win: Bustin98, Crimm, ShyGuy, and Spak-Spang
Mafia 18 Mafia win: khush, zack, and stabby
Mafia 17
Mafia 16
Mafia 15
Mafia 14
Mafia 13
Mafia 12
Mafia 11
Mafia 10
Mafia 9 Stevey, Stabby, TVMan, Garnee, Dasmos (townies) win
Mafia 8 pyro/NuclearSpeed (townies) win
Mafia 7 Dash mafia kill all (Dirty Cheating Backstabing Doctors!) :ph:
Mafia 6 everyone dies
Mafia 5 Townies (typ/crash cheated though) :ph:
Mafia 4 Werewolves win
Mafia 3 Breakyboy and TVMan (townies) Win
Mafia 2 everyone dies
Mafia 1 Townies won

Bill Aurion:
Hahaha, nice thread...It's a shame I don't have the time to play through these things anymore...

that Baby guy:
Your information is a little off in some of those columns.  I think.  Everyone in the mafia wins when the mafia wins, so in the winter mafia, you can put me down for a win, too.

I think I'm going to win the award for smallest win percentage.  ;D


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