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new gameinformer( mag) reviews!!


i got my march 2003 issue of gameinformer. i will put ps2, xbox, and pc reviews up. this magazine is average at their reviews but its pretty good this time. gamecube reviews are in gamecube discusiion, so is gba. xenosaga episode 1 is game of the month.


xenosaga episode 1- 9.75

devil may cry 2- 7

breath of fireragon quarter- 8

dark cloud 2-  9.25

everblue 2- 8.75

dot hack vol 1: infection- 8.25

rayman 3- 8.5

cabela's big game hunter- 7

guilt gear x2- 8.75

black and bruised- 7.5

fisherman's challenge-  7.5

hypersonic extreme-7.25

p.t.o. iv- 7.75

disaster report- 5

galerians:ash- 8


indiana jones and the emporer's tomb- 8.5

dead or alive: extreme beach volleyball- 7.5

vexx- 8

kung fu chaos- 6.5



the sims online-9

impossible creatures- 7.5

unreal 2: the awakening- 9.5

i will put new reviews next month, later people.


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