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Xbox Controller for the PC?

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I was wondering, since obviously I, Pat, can not find one, that one of you'd know. O.o Is there a adapter I can get to play with my Xbox controller on the PC? I know I found an adapter for USB items to be played on the Xbox, but I don't find that very useful in my situation. If there is, could you tell me where to look? Or maybe there's a controller like the Xbox's, but made for the PC? Eh eh? Cause I gotta get one to play PlanetSide, Halo got me too used to playing with it's controller setup. <.< >.>

I do not believe so, but I read a website that showed you how. Let me look for it and I'll send you the link.

Here is a way to do it yourself.

Here is one you can purchase.

Hey, thanks for the links. I probably would have never found 'em. o.o; And I'm not the person who likes making my own er..things..mess 'em up..all that time I spent..and I just get mad. >.>; So..yea. Thanks.

WOW. that opening thing and sodering sounds to complicated heres some another(esier) version if you want to try this one.


and heres the software.


I think you just download the software and thats it. oh and dont cut the controller cord just cut the little connector, in that case you can get different controlles on the PC(s, duke, mad cats). and if one of the other controlles breaks you just throw it away and keep the connector for the that was used for the PC.

And no this isnt BS, the xbox is based on the usb interface.


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