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Sure there's a lot of cut-scenes, but the gameplay far outweighs it. Besides, FF games, at least X, have consistently had some of the most engrossing stories. I didn't say best, but they really get you into it- Square's one of the only companies that realize this. I don't want a RPG that's just a collection of crappy puzzle-dungeons and some random battles thrown in- I play RPG's for the STORY that they tell and Square is one of the best story tellers around. I'm also an avid RPG player and FFX is easily one of my favorites. Not quite as good as Chrono Cross (I'd like to see you try to find many faults in that) and not in the same league as Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, or Grandia 2, but it IS an extremely fun RPG. The "too many movies" ploy is just a sound-bite that people squack back whenever they detect someone who doesn't agree with their view of Square.

As for Kingdom Hearts, it's INCREDIBLY good- not your most traditional RPG, which is good, and it handles the Disney license perfectly. One of my favorite PS2 games.


Luckily we're getting Crystal Chronicles (which I doubt anyone will say is bad).
--- End quote ---

Ironically, this is the one game from Square that I fear will be really bad.  It's way too early for me to say, but the fact that you can control it with the GBA makes me fear for the quality of the game's controls.  But who knows?  I'm really happy to see Square is doing something new for Nintendo.

well, the thign is with final fantasy is the characters and stories are different in each game. They dont rely on old plotlines...but rather gameplay. Then again FFX made tons of changes.
So new plotline, new gameplay...cant be so rehashed. The only thing that turned me off of ffx was the little tiny environments you were confined to. I expected huge worlds.

Couchmonkey: You don't control FFCC with the GBA- there is a version of the game for the GBA, and although I don't know how the two will hook up, I know for a fact you use the Gamecube controller. Go read IGN's previews- they really give a lot of information on the game. Sounds like a new version of Secret of Mana, if you ask me.

mouse_clicker: I have read a few previews of the game, if you look at IGN's Ultimate Cube Connection Article,  you will see that Square has indeed claimed that GBAs can be used as controllers for FF: Crystal Chronicles.  You don't have to use them, but the fact that the game can be controlled with a d-pad makes me wonder how it will play.  


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