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Ah, I see your reasoning now- if you CAN use the GBA, it makes you wonder just how advanced the game will be control wise. I really don't think you have to worry- it IS an RPG, afterall, which have historically required very few buttons to work well, and certainly not 9 the Gamecube controller has (control wise, SoA only uses like 5). I haven't heard any complaints about control or extreme simplicity in any impressions.

Yeah, the 'cube even doubles up a few buttons because they're not used (like shoulder buttons/c-stick, Z-button/start).  Considering that Secret of Mana, which had great gameplay, only used a few buttons on the SNES controller should be a good sign if they choose to make it gba compatible.

But it depends entirely on what makes it into the final game.  They may drop that aspect of it, or have a different version available.


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