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Mafia LXXXV: Metroid Dread. Game Over! Postgame Breakdown and Analysis Thread.

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--- Quote from: Mop it up on April 07, 2020, 12:29:59 PM ---
I'm curious if GK thought ShyGuy and I were the ones with the roles and that's why he went for us first. In some ways it sort of worked out for him, as I definitely would have been pushing to take him out instead of Luigi Dude on that day. Of the three I thought him most likely to be Dark Samus.

--- End quote ---

Nah. You two were just kinda random picks honestly. Shyguy simply because I recalled he survived day 1 despite me voting for him. By the time I picked you I had already assumed I wasn't going to win this thing & was sticking it out in hopes of playing spoiler for Kraid since Samus was already out.

My MVP goes to Steef. Fav in-character poster. I was using his AI-suggestions as a voting Waze app a few times. I only targeted him at the last second because I was taking a "scorched earth" approach to my exit.

Whew, way too close for comfort! No way we would've won without Pokepal and BShy outing themselves, or GK taking out TheFleece. Our searches kept turning up more Townies, and our worst-case scenario very nearly occurred - if GK had taken the Energy Tank or Insano's PowerBomb it would've been over. Tremendous amount of luck involved.

Question for the Mafia: when you searched me, why did you not take me out instantly?

My initial plan was to just have fun and talk like a robot. This immediately backfired, and I was almost voted out due to my annoying font colour. Thanks to eJamer we could scramble a tie, and I figured to make lemonade from these lemons.
Sent in a risky play to call Pokepal's bluff. It seemed too obvious to re-use his revealing-my-role strategy 3 times in a row. Turns out he wasn't lying, but I nabbed the Metroid right under GK's nose.

Day 4 I began playing more seriously. Mop It Up discovered a discrepancy in what TheFleece was telling me vs. what he told BShy. Meanwhile, I started a bandwagon on Insanolord, and when he got seemingly no support from fellow mafioso... I reached out. It worked, he told me his role!
Soon after, Lucario hit me up, I was suspicious, but when he told me his role I did the same. I regretted this immediately, when he threw me in a group conversation with MASB, casually outing me.
I was convinced MASB would be the Goon Detective, pretending to be the Townie. Turns out they had Insanolord on board already though, which convinced me to stay. We all shared screenshots to prove our identities, which I realise set a very annoying precedent. Sorry about that everyone.
(For what it's worth, I was still convinced MASB's screenshot was faked, and Khush confirmed he would give people fake ones.) But for all intents and purposes Lucario was basically Nick Fury, assembling his Avengers.

Only problems: we had spent the entire day throwing votes at each other. Time was running out, we had no clue who was who, and in fact suspected Mop It Up was the Godfather despite her search coming up Townie.  After scrambling a tie, Mop & Insano suggested to hit Stevey instead. Genius move on their part. Dark Samus did us a real solid by taking out TheFleece, because it confirmed Fleece was playing me, cleared Mop It Up's identity, and ensured future Detective results were reliable.

--- Quote from: BeautifulShy on April 07, 2020, 12:59:17 AM ---I knew if there was ties going on over the past few days I could essentually have two kills a night. One from a random tie breaker kill and then one from my hit.
--- End quote ---

My hope was ties would keep the Mafia in the dark longer on who would be going out, so they'd have to consider more targets. Didn't consider how it would benefit (Dark) Samus.

--- Quote from: that Baby guy on April 07, 2020, 07:43:11 AM ---And like RAB said. Why would the mafia choose to investigate vs. Not making a hit? The only reason I can see is to feign inactivity, but since there was an alternative to not making a hit, it did not come across as inactivity. Definitely a bad move there.
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My assumption was they had scouted twice, and would try to start a Townie Alliance on Day 2 or 3. Position one Goon as the Detective, say you spent the first days investigating Thatguy/Pokepal/BShy and dole out your other info on Day 4-5. That's why I didn't believe MASB was our detective - his previous searches had been  already dead people like eJamer and BShy. Easy to make claims about dead roles.

@Lucario for swinging things around for the Townies. Feels right for him and MASB to go all the way.
@GK for playing a convincing Townie! We mostly skipped you because RABicle pointed out you voted on Mr. Bungle; would've been a bad move for Mafia. We didn't really consider you could've been Samus. Serves us right for underestimating a new player. Hope you'll join again?
@Luigi Dude, sorry we never reached out as Townies. Hope the game was still fun for you and you didn't feel too abandoned. Judging from another thread you had more pressing matters at hand, hope those work out for you.
@Khush, brilliant game, well handled, and I like how you made the Federation the bad guys. Kind of a bummer the Samus roles didn't grab that many power ups maybe? I also think my role was maybe a bit too powerful; maybe it'd work better if you could only save up Vote Changes on Days you're not altering votes?

Thanks for playing everyone, this was a great distraction given the current circumstances.


--- Quote from: BeautifulShy on April 07, 2020, 01:15:39 AM ---I also want to give Khushrenada a shoutout because I know how complex this game can get to host and while I did have a million questions Khushrenada did answer them fairly well so as to not give too much away. 

--- End quote ---

Same. I knew my questions might've aroused suspicions, but I don't think anyone would ask question about their role in the day thread.

Day 1 - I Bungled it up again and did not get my recon request in. I have excuses but will spare you and take the blame
Day 2 - We were looking for Mother Brain or Kraid and ruled out Mopitup and ShyGuy
Rabicle asked why we didn't just put out hits. I think it is because you can investigate twice as many people. Since I messed up the first recon it would have probably been better to just assassinate random townies.
Day 3 - We are ready to just take aim at the remaining townies. TheFleece wanted to take out Steef as they had been suspicous. I thought ejamer was too much of a leader and getting too close to identifying us so I swayed them to take out ejamer instead. Bungled again  :-[
Day 4 - Things were looking good for the mafia but we vastly underestimated Kraid who we finally learned was Steef but by day 5 it was too late. Steef asked about this. I put out a hit on Kraid as soon as the identity was confirmed but it was the same night I was taken out.

Overall my strategy was to act like a townie (obviously). This is tough as I strive to be honest in real life. I really felt bad for lying to Rabicle. I think I prefer to be a townie in these games. Anyway, I thought that if I was a townie I would do whatever I could to support Kraid and the vote tying so that is what I did. I don't know how suspicious it was but I think by day 5 the townie alliance was just too strong. The only person that actually reached out to me individually was Rabicle. Thanks for sticking up for me Rab! Hopefully next time we are on the same side.

My hats off to Steef. Easily the MVP not only for use of the Kraid role but for the computer language role playing. I really enjoyed reading your posts.

Thanks to Khush for all their work and gg all around  :D

I am geninuely curious if anybody used my notes after I died?


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