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Mafia LXXXV: Metroid Dread. Day 6.

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Story Post

Needing to turn the tide of battle the Federation Forces decided to try and take the fight to Kraid and remove him from the battlefield. As they approached Kraid's Lair, they ran into a lot of Space Pirates resulting in a bunch of firefights as they moved from room to room trying to get closer. All the laser shooting and missile blasting was beginning to become a great nuisance to Kraid, however, as it echoed around in his chamber. Upset at being unable to laze about in his grassy bed, he finally got ticked off enough to head on out and shut things down himself. Bursting onto the scene, he knocked back some Pirates in order to fire from a different location that would make less sound. Then he turned to the nearest Federation officer he could see and let a rip some stomach farts to blast off a bunch of his belly spikes at the officer. With nowhere to turn, the Federation Commando was completely impaled and squashed against a wall as the spikes tore into him. Seeing the death of the Commando and realizing he was now alone against these forces, the remaining Trooper ran away for his life, as a panic built up inside of him wondering how soon until he would end up dead like the Commando Mr. Bungle.

Meanwhile, Dark Samus had been looking for a way to return to the crystalline structure and had been searching through the labyrinth catacombs that surrounded it in the hopes of finding another way back to it. Having heard some distant drilling, Dark Samus followed the sound and came upon some Space Pirates digging a new tunnel to reach the crystalline command structure again. One pirate was operating a large digging machine as the others guided it and worked alongside it to keep it moving through the surrounding rock. With all the noise, the pirates did not hear Dark Samus approaching them. Dark Samus proceeded to blast the nearest Space Pirate and eliminated him. The Pirate had a missile weapon which intrigued Dark Samus. It took the missile upgrade and began trying to merge it to work with its Phazon body structure. Blasting the nearest Space Pirate had alerted the others to the presence of Dark Samus especially with some of that Pirate's limbs blowing by them as they disintegrated.

Seeing their brother-in-arms ShyGuy now dead, the Pirates scrambled to get weapons in order to return fire. The Space Pirate operating the digging machine, Mop it up, decided to swivel the giant cutting blades to face Dark Samus and eliminate it with them. Seeing the machine approaching it, Dark Samus instead dropped down the Power Bomb it had recently acquired and melted into a pile of Phazon goo to hide in some of the holes and cracks of the area. The rest of the Pirates fled from the area on seeing the Power Bomb. However, for Mop it up, the machine was too slow to move away to just drive away and by the time she got down from the machine to run from the scene, the Power Bomb blew up, vaporizing her and the machine. Dark Samus then reformed itself and began inspecting the damage. A large part of the area by the machine had been blown away from the Power Bomb exposing an odd statue. Dark Samus approached it and began examining it. On getting close, the Statue suddenly burst from the wall and began moving on its own. Dark Samus began blasting away at the Statue to destroy but, even as chunks of it blew away, it still kept getting closer. It began taking swipes at Dark Samus and the speed of its arms was able to knock off chunks of Phazon from Dark Samus, flinging it onto the nearby walls. Dark Samus decided to go for a more direct approach and flew into the air then race into the exposed circuitry of the Torizo Statue and melded its Phazon body around the inner core thereby corrupting and causing it to overload and explode.

For awhile, there was silence in the area but then from the Phazon pool beneath the wreckage of the Torizo Statue, Dark Samus slowly reformed itself. After getting itself back together, it took another moment to check out the area again. It found the Missile item it had tried to integrate earlier.Dark Samus had dropped it earlier when hiding from the Power Bomb since it wasn't made of Phazon like itself. Now, that missile item had been destroyed. The head of the Torizo Statue had landed on it, which crushed the missiles making them unusable. Seeing nothing else of value for it to take or exploit, Dark Samus moved on from the area to keep searching for a way back to the Crystalline Structure. It was also feeling more anxious to return to it after this latest battle. Not being able to feel a connection to the planet Phaaze and having no closeby pools of Phazon for it to regenerate in, Dark Samus was noticing and experiencing a feeling of its body growing weaker and more unstable the longer it was in this world and using up its energy in battle.

Announcement Post

The following players have died:

Mr. Bungle - Federation Commando (Killed by Kraid's Vote)
ShyGuy - Space Pirate/Missiles (Killed by Dark Samus)
Mop it up - Space Pirate/Torizo Statue (Killed by Dark Samus)

Dark Samus Arsenal - Nightly Hit

Alright. Let's go over the situation from yesterday. Kraid used a vote manipulation to manufacture a tie. This time, Kraid took out one of the tied players in the tiebreak and eliminated Mr. Bungle. As the new godfather, this meant Mr. Bungle was eliminated during the day and could not make a hit at night. Meanwhile, Dark Samus eliminated ShyGuy and gained the Missile upgrade. However, Dark Samus then used up its Power Bomb item to eliminate Mop it up. She had the Torizo Statue item which randomly takes away an item/power-up. Since the only power-up that Dark Samus had left was the Missiles acquired from the ShyGuy hit, this meant the Torizo Statue immediately took them away. And with that, Dark Samus is just back to only having its Nightly Hit.

There are 9 players still alive. That means the majority vote for Day 6 would need to consist of 5 votes. Voting Period / Day will be open another 48 hours and change closing at 1:00 AM EST on Tuesday Apr 7, 2020. (Unless there is a majority vote to end it sooner.)

This leaves 7 Space Pirates vs 1 Federation Mafia and Dark Samus. It is beginning to look like long odds for either Dark Samus or the Mafia being able to pull off a win but strange things can happen in this game. Back to work players to see what will be the end result.

We where right with bungle. And rabicle was working with him soooo.
UnVote Rabicle

Wait, I had missles?

Wait what?
With Mr Bungle leading the vote, Comrade Kraid used their power to force a tiebreak and then used their power to... eliminate Mr Bungle.
At least it was the right choice in the end I guess. But I am no longer convinced Kraid is the mastermind he initially appeared to be. More of a galaxy brain instead.
But lets look at that hit: Mr Bungle, a treacherous scab who lured me in with talks of unionising only to find out he was working for the Federation bosses all along.
Day 1: No voting, metroid themed posting.
Day 2: Did not vote again, despite being targeted by ejamer (a comrade Pirate, rip to a real one). Was tied for the lead on only two votes, from a now reluctant ejamer and Steefosauros, voting defensively to tie up the vote against himself.
Day 3: We wake up to hear that Kraid and Dark Samus targeted pokepal, sparing Mr Bungle. Samus' suit had a complete malfunction after a well placed shot from yours truly and Mr Bungle was part of the avalanche of votes against BeautifulShy

~~Sidebar~~As I was reviewing Mr Bungle's activity on Day three, I found this bit of intel that was released from Samus:
--- Quote --- I was going to unvote my vote on Steefosaurus before he changed the vote back to Mr. Bungle and I was also waiting on messages from TheFleece on who they wanted to vote for but I never got a response.
--- End quote ---
So let's break down this line. BShy and Fleece, ie. Samus and the Deleter, were in private communication and the Deleted indicated that they were part of a "they". Actually... ****, maybe BShy was just using a gender neutral pronoun… In any case, Samus and The Federation were in correspondence and BShy was prepared to stop targeting Steefosauros on Day 2 until Steef targeted Bungle. BShy went on to praise Bungle for his honesty despite calling everyone else who voted for her a traitor and Federation collaborator. I think we can pretty safely conclude that Samus and the Federation were collaborating from day 1 or 2. Which shouldn't really be a surprise.
~~End Sidebar~~
Day 4: Bungle locks in behind Steefosaurus, later joined by Mop, myself and GK, in a vote for NWR_insanolord. The vote immediately counters an early trend bandwagon against Lucario led by nickmitch and LuigiDude. I then switch wagons to Lucario and privately encourage Bungle to do the same. He remains steadfast in his vote. Lucario convinces ShyGuy to change his vote from from Lucario to LuigiDude who was also targeted by MASB on a tip off from Samus as a suspected Dark Samus. Day ends with LuigiDude trailing Lucario and Insanolord in a tie. Kraid break it by killing Federation goon stevey out of nowhere.

Day 5. Bungle basically just shadows me. After praising Kraid, Bungle joins my vote for nickmitch, which immediately attracts the ire of ShyGuy who votes for Bungle and threatens me too. Lucario joins the vote against Bungle. I switch my vote to Shyguy and Bungle immediately follows suit, except he reveals himself as an incompetent federation bureaucrat and fills in the paperwork wrong, having his vote count for nickmitch instead. Steef votes for Stratos and GK joins ShyGuy and Lucario in voting for Bungle. Lucario and Shyguy enjoys being right for the first time in their lives. Kraid forces a lock up but then decides to kill Bungle off in the night.

So what can we learn from this?
I think we can fairly conclusively rule out Steefosaurus, Lucario, GK, nickmitch, and NWR_insanolord as being Federation. Leaving Myself, Stratos, MASB and LuigiDude as potential Federation stooges.

No one can definitively be ruled out as Dark Samus.

Kraid's identity continues to confound. It's possible that Kraid was unsure about Bungle's impending elimination by vote but was contacted by the Intergalactic Space Pirate Union in the evening to convince him to eliminate Bungle afterall. Bungle also had the opportunity to defensively vote for LuigiDude but opted not to. LuigiDude also voted for himself which implies a strong confidence in not being eliminated by the vote. If I had to guess, Luigidude is Kraid.

un-Vote MASB
Has not made any meaningful contribution other than voting for BShy.

This post has been edited for formatting and grammer. It probably still contains mistakes.


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