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Mafia LXXXV: Metroid Dread. Day 2.

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@Mr Bungle: Sorry - I had edited and removed my vote for you before the ending time, thinking that I'd vote Luigi Dude also to force a tie so that we know we aren't losing Kraid to the vote... but then Steefosaurus swapped his vote from Luigi Dude to you - probably to also force a tie since he didn't know I was in the midst of changing, so I swapped back.  My rationale is really thin though...

Ugh. I don't feel good about this day at all.

I think we actually have a tie now.

Mr. Bungle-2

Time is up. Looks like there's been some game action through the night. Like unprepared college students cramming for a Final all night. Well, we shall see what you have brought about in a bit but I'm going back to sleep first.

Night action period begins now. 12 hours starting from now to send in your requests for those with roles in this period.

EDIT: Today's vote did indeed end in a tie

Mr. Bungle - 2 votes
Steefosaurus - 2 votes
Stevey - 1 vote

Looks like Kraid is going to spring into action tonight. Will he choose one of those targets, someone else entirely or no one at all?


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