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Monolith Makes Worlds: An Analysis of the Xenoblade Series

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No one is reading this anymore.

I'm not reading this just yet because I've had trouble really sitting down to play Xenoblade 2 hard, but I am excited to do so when I do really get into that.

Updated with Xenoblade Chronicles X analysis! How many words can one man WRITE?!

Updated with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 analysis! You don't want to know the total page count...!

I love it. Taking a run at (and probably beating) my Super Mario Galaxy takedown opening post.

I haven't played this game yet but I've done my part and own the Special Edition of it. (I also own the Special Edition of Fire Emblem Warriors. Switch Games: 2, Actually Owning a Switch Console: 0.) Given how much there was to learn and keep track of in XCX and how much I read of the manual, I'm glad this exists as I'll probably want to reference it as a bit of a guide when I do actually get around to playing this.


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