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General/Summary: Being a boxing fan as I am, I was eager to buy and play Black & Bruised. This is not a game based on any sort of reality, as i knew this going in. This game has its good points, and some very bad points. A renter at best even for boxing fans.
Gameplay: The gameplay is interesting. First you have a number of odd ball fighters, some very amusing, others pointless. The game has 6 modes to it with its "Boxer's Life" as the main one player mode. This is an exciting mode! You pick a fighter and go through a very entertaining fighter. For instance, one fighter has to K.O. his opponent in the 3rd round in order to pay a gambling debt.

One of the modes that falls short is "Tournament Mode" You pick your fighter and thats it. You never see who else entered the tournament, all you have is a few fights you must win not knowing who might be the next fight.

The button layout is fantastic! Jabs, upper cuts, and others are very easy to get used too.

In order to win a fight you must "power up". This is a good feature adding more of a arcade feel (which the game intends to do from the start). The more punches you connect and dont have blocked, the more stars you earn. Earn enough stars and use you power ups at the right time to take advantage of the fight.

Graphics: Big problem here! the fighters themself look great! The backgrounds on the other hand dont always look too good. The crowd looks horrile when you are in the arena that is an actual boxing ring. The other backgrounds look flat as well.

Sound: Boring and horrible! the music is just plain old boring! This makes the game feel slow and a task at times. Sometimes you will hear crowd noise, when there isnt even a crowd! The boxers themself sound good and say some entertaining things at times.

overall i'd give this game a rating of 3 outta 5  


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