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Advance Wars Returning In 1+2 Re-Boot Camp December 3

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--- Quote from: Cool Uncle Vince on June 15, 2021, 10:05:53 PM ---WayForward is developing the remakes apparently.

--- End quote ---

Even more of a reason to hope they got all the backend stuff correct.

It would be nice if they freshen things up by adding mechanics/units up to and including Dual Strike

Unify the play experience if you will.  Otherwise I'm not sure how online play will turn out.

It appears that Wayforward is handling this, so IS still has not revealed a major project.

Mop it up:
I wonder if these will be straight up 1:1 or if there will be some changes and additions.

Hoping its 1:1.2 where just just add any QoLs to streamline things or make balance changes. Some extra content would be nice as well but not necessary for me. I only borrowed one of the games from a friend to play partway through so most of this will be new for me. I played more of Days of Ruin and hope that comes next and doesn't loose its more distinct style. After that would be great to see a new title that builds off of the old ones.


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