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Metroid Dread Announced, Launching October 8

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--- Quote from: Adrock on June 15, 2021, 09:36:45 PM ---since Dread is meant to end the Samus/Metroid arc

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I'm pretty sure there have been (thinks...) 3 (?) games to make this same claim already  ;)

Nintendo may feel stuck with how to name the games, it's pretty much become:

Metroid = 2D or this 2.5D stuff

Metroid Prime = 3D

I don't get why everyone is so excited about Metroid Dread. I released that game last year to great acclaim. I wish Nintendo would quit porting old games to the Switch like this.

Ian Sane:
My brother has recently had to start commuting to his office again after working from home because of covid.  When he got home our conversation went like this:

Me: Do you know about E3?
Him: Yeah, I had it on in the background at work.
Me: I had to miss part of it because of a phone call.
Him: Did you catch up?  Is there anything you don't know?
Me: I caught up.  I know everything.
Him: Okay so... METROID DREAD!!  HOLY ****!!

It was funny because we were feeling each other out like we were privy to some huge spoiler.  Obviously we both had the intention that if the other person didn't know what was up that they needed to see the presentation themselves, not have it merely be told to them.

Mop it up:
For some reason, I never knew (or didn't remember) that Metroid Dread was ever anything more than just name, and never had anything shown off or detailed. At one point I even started to think it was never anything more than a meme made up by fans. So I guess that would make this a meme come true!


--- Quote from: broodwars on June 15, 2021, 09:15:31 PM ---
--- Quote from: MagicCow64 on June 15, 2021, 09:13:11 PM ---I am somewhat nonplussed about this. Polygonal 2D games kinda just never look too good, and this doesn't appear to be an exception.

Conceptually it seems fine, but I really have no faith in Mercury Steam, particularly having tried their really bad 2.5D Castlevania game. Granted, I haven't played Samus Returns, but it seemed like a very unappealing update. Why, oh why, would you emphasize the melee garbage from Other M? And that gameplay plank is being brought forward into Dread.

On the positive side, from what I've scoped, this project is based on a Nintendo-internal design approach they couldn't nail previously, and that there's more internal Nintendo involvement on this title than there was on Samus Returns. So maybe they'll be able to give Mercury Steam the Retro treatment. But I'm not getting my hopes up.

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I wouldn't get too hung up on Mirror of Fate. Konami was kinda notorious for micromanaging that & Lords of Shadow 2 into the ground. From everything I've heard, Samus Returns is a lot better.

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Additionally never discount the "Nintendo Difference" affects on a 3rd party studio when they are making a Nintendo-property game. While other studios may micromanage to the ground and ruin projects, Nintendo seems to just make otherwise average developers put out superior products.

Silicone Knights, Rare, Game Freaks, Koei-Tecmo, lots of examples where their Nintendo offerings are just better overall.


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