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So anyone picking this arcade controller up?
I decided to give it a chance, after reading the PGC review, it shipped today and I should have it sometime next week.

I got my Solo two weeks ago. But I have one problem. It uses the OLD configuration, which really REALLY sucks.

I asked them if I could send the old one back and get the new one and all they said to me in the e-mail responce was "We will let you know when they arrive" So hopefully I can get the one that I want.

Hey Billy, (or another guy from PGC) did the X-Gaming people say when the new addapters would be available? I hope they get them out by March for the import of Soul Calibur2

Anyways, enough about the addapter. Onto the controller.

If your a fighting game fan and own alot of the new systems, GET THIS ONE! It's awesome. The feal of this thing blows all other arcade sticks out of the water. I like it more then my old DreamCast arcade stick. Everything Billy said in his review is true. This is the controller to get.

So if you have the money and your really into fighting games, drop everything and order one now. This is going to be THE way to play SoulCalibur2 and other fighting games.  

Well I did order last night, and I'm hoping the company does stay around so that I can as they mention just buy the latest adapters for the new consoles to be released in the future.  As for the configuration, I hope it has the new one also, I will check with them again to make sure.

I'd just like to bring this message back up. I want to get my question answered! I'll just e-mail one of you PGC guys about the addapter if I don't get a responce.

I haven't tried any x-arcade controllers, but I'm interested in them.  Only for one game so far: Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO.  I just wish Nintendo added the online feature like the X-box game has.  I wouldn't want to get the single pad because if you're playing 2 player, the loser will probably make up the excuse of it being unfair.


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