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Rumor: Just Sniffing Around

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I've lost faith in Nintendo's online plan.......but i'm giving them one more shot at E3. PULL THROUGH DAMN IT!!! I want to whoop some unknown ass.


Originally posted by: Ian Sane
Seriously Nintendo's utter refusal to acknowledge that online is an important part of the future is going to bite them in the ass bigtime.  I really hope these titles are not just LAN only for Nintendo's sake.  They can talk about "communication games" all they want but until they go online they're living in the past just like they did when they stuck with cartridges.
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Did Nintendo ever say online would not be an important part of the future?  All they said was that it was not profitable RIGHT NOW for a company like Nintendo.  I'm not sure they are right about this, though...

aoi tsuki:
On a slightly positive note, wouldn't this mean the ability to play online using services like GameSpy? Granted it's not the same as having an official onine solution, but it's a start.

Zach Adams:
I certainly would want LAN play much more then online. It is very easy to set up too, ok so you have to move a tv and one of the friends who come over have to have a GCN with 4 controllers, but thats it. I hope its Mario Kart, that will be the coolest because both my brothers like that game ONLY not other GCN games.

I like the LAN idea, as long as online is involved. If it’s just play a GCN game on separate TVs that would be a little dumb. But the part of the rumors that said Nintendo has two (likely online) games coming down the pipeline sounds cool!  


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