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Anybody else looking forward to TMNT game?

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It's supposed to be a 2D cel-shaded side scroller, am I right? With 3D graphics, not meaning the gameplay but just the graphics.


All of it culminating with a boss battle against Shredder at the end.
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don't forget beebop and rock-steady

Don't forget the Rat King, or Krang, or Slash, or Metal Head, or Baxter Stockman, or the Rock Soldiers, or etc...etc....

God, I can't wait!  Heroes in a farking half-shell, baby!!! Cowabunga!!!1111

From what I understand the new cartoon is based more on the comics - and I'm pretty sure that means no Bebop, Rocksteady, or a ton of other things fans of the cartoon might be familiar with.

I've been looking forward to this game for so long.  And yes, the new cartoon is based more on the comics... April isn't even a reporter anymore, she's Baxter Stockman's assistant!   I'm sure this is going to be great, I'm a huge turtle fan, and will buy this game no matter what, but have faith that we aren't going to be let down!  Thank God this title didn't skip over my beloved GameCube.


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