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Mafia LXXXVI: Luigi's Mafia Mansion. Day 5 - The East Wing Upstairs Bathroom

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Stevey - Hellen Gravely (Killed by the Vote)
lolmonade - Vincent Van Gore (Killed by the King Boo Mafia)
Order.RSS - Ghost (Killed by Luigi)

Order.RSS had a polterpup hanging around him. When Luigi sucked him away, the polterpup attacked Luigi but there were no items on Luigi so all polterpup could stead was his dignity and then ran away.

King Boo Mafia is putting the squeeze on the other players. And yet, while a win may be starting to look harder for the other factions, in this game one never knows. There's still a lot of ways this could all shake out.

Game Time: The Day 5 Vote will have about 48 hours to play out. Nothing like playing on the weekend, right? Everyone loves that. If no majority vote is reached then the day will end at 11:00 PM EST Oct. 17 aka 8:00 PM PST Oct. 17 aka 11:00 AM Perth Time Oct. 18.

Majority Vote: With 10 players left in the game, the number of votes needed for a Majority Vote against a target is 6.

Well, depending on how things play out, the Mafia could win this game when Day 6 rolls around but there are keys to victory that could prolong game to if they aren't accomplished. Will they pull it off or will things fall apart?

Game is back on.

Well ****.

I do owe Nickmitch a Luigidude vote so I'm going to vote Luigidude for now, get some rest, and hopefully find a way to salvage this.

I had been meaning to post this at some point.
Maybe MC Chris can shed some light on our dire situation.


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