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Mafia LXXXVI: Luigi's Mafia Mansion. Day 4 - The Gazebo

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Story Post.

Announcements Post


lolmonade – Voted Out (Saved by Vincent Van Gore)


Nickmitch – Ghost (Killed by King Boo)
TheFleece – Ghost (Killed by Luigi)

Luigi took out TheFleece only to find the Thieving Slinker who stole his Poltergust which had his Virtual Boo and Ice Elemental Medal attached to it. Luigi has lost the abilities he has collected up to this point.

Game Time: Day 4 will be open for about 48 hours if no majority vote is reached. The deadline will be 11 AM EST Oct. 15 aka 8:00 AM PST Oct 15 aka 11 PM Perth time Oct. 15.

Majority Vote: There are 13 players alive meaning the number of votes needed to reach a majority on a target is 7.

That should cover the necessary details for now. The day is now open.

I guess the doctor trusts lolmonade.

Other option from yesterday was pokepal148.   There is too much tied to pokepal148 at this point to not vote him out.

unVote Pokepal148

So to clarify, the ice medal is just gone furever, is that correct?

It's also worth noting that the vote manipulator acted on my behalf yesterday. Purrhaps this is merely yet another case of hot Townie on Townie action.


--- Quote from: pokepal148 on October 13, 2021, 11:31:28 AM ---So to clarify, the ice medal is just gone furever, is that correct?

--- End quote ---

Correct. There is no way for Luigi to get back the Virtual Boo or Ice Medal now.


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