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OlliOlli World VOID Riders DLC (Switch) Review
« on: July 11, 2022, 04:58:21 PM »

VOID Riders is just more OlliOlli to love

OlliOlli World was a great game in its own right (some might say a 9.5) but now with the new VOID Riders DLC, what was deemed best in the series is now even better! The DLC adds in new mechanics, levels, story, and events that mix up the flow of the original jam packed base game. This ice cream sundae of a videogame just got a cherry on top.

VOID Riders introduces aliens to Radlandia, who have come to observe the amazing skate culture. The best and most talented skaters will get brought to their leader Nebulord. To prove your sick skills, you will have to skate 15 new story levels that are strewn throughout the 5 districts of Radlandia. These levels up the difficulty over what you’ve already seen in the base game by switching up the level design and adding new skills.

We now have a new level skill called the Grabby beam. There will be UFO’s shooting their Grabby beam throughout the levels, you can use this to perform a grab and the tractor beam will elevate you to the next section of the level. This mixed in with grinds, manuals, wall rides, and dozens of other tricks make for a complex cocktail of things to remember. Another wrinkle to the new levels is that they will be partially hidden until lifted/abducted by the aliens in their UFO’s. So you better be fast with those reflexes and watch for what’s ahead. It can be a tad frustrating when parts of the level aren’t fully visible leaving you to guess. With a little practice, landing a clean run, even when partially blind, feels impressive.

   There are also new zone bosses that are special levels where it’s less about beating a high score and more about racing against alien creatures. It’s an interesting twist on the formula that forces you to think more about routes and less about tricks. It wouldn’t be OlliOlli World without tons of new cosmetics and characters to select from including 42 new heroes to choose from. This adds even more to an already robust amount of customization.

   The story brings a familiar brand of comedy to the dialogue of the alien visitors. There are 3 head aliens that have replaced your friends in the pre-level cutscenes. They provide witty banter with your character, inquiring about the world at large. It’s as quirky as previous dialogue and is inoffensive enough that it’s easily skippable if not your cup of tea. Still, the characters are written well enough to induce a chuckle and provide some context to the craziness unfolding in the levels.

   The OlliOlli World VOID Riders DLC is a welcome addition to a fantastic game. If you have already exhausted OlliOlli World, this will give you more reason to return for new score challenges, cosmetics and mechanics. The music adds new catchy lo-fi beats and the writing remains wholesome throughout. One of the most positive things to be said about VOID Riders is that it reminds you of how great OlliOlli World is and continues to be.