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I'm still watching the occasional Amico YouTube video, I follow some channels who I guess would be classified as the "Tommy Shills" if I bothered to learn more about the drama, but I guess I shouldn't be TOO surprised by the flamewars in a teacup brewing up. The Amico has simply suffered from being announced so long ago and not coming out for so long. In that time skepticism easily flares up into dislike and antagonism, plus just negative-energy antagonism for internet clicks and views.

The Amico, just needs to come out. They've had two years of Tommy Talking which is like, ok, you're scrappy and don't have giant marketing budgets, but that's old now. This thing just needs to either be real or not. And there are actually some games on it I'm positively curious about, but they don't even have updated gameplay footage for almost all of them.

I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming that they're still scrambling behind the scenes to get it all ready because they're a tiny player, and once they finally get their marketing up and running THEN we'll see some actual polish, but right now it's just the same 'ol same 'ol and it's proponents are really just "keeping the faith".

In contrast to the Amico's long awkward stay in the post light, PlayDate is actually coming out next month and looks very, very real! They've said little, and didn't try to fill the silence with talking and promises, so there's not as much exhaustion of the topic.

I admit it looks like a fun tech toy. If I have spare discretionary funs I might get one... though I did finally manage to talk myself out of getting that snap-on dock-charger accessory for it after two days of asking myself "will this REALLY make me happy or am I just being excessively consumeristic yet again?"

You absolutely need the dock because it doubles as a pen holder. Jebus, Kairon, it’s as if you have no concept of true value.

If the dock is like $20, I can probably talk myself into it. Either way, I’m ready for the Playdate. It’s like buying an entire console for extended WarioWare games.


--- Quote from: Adrock on June 14, 2021, 05:14:16 PM ---You absolutely need the dock because it doubles as a pen holder. Jebus, Kairon, it’s as if you have no concept of true value.

--- End quote ---

I apologize for my excessive wrongness  :'(

Recently got the thinking that the Amico might run into a very similar pricing/profitability problem the Wii U had: the controllers are too expensive. I imagine that the Wii U faced problems reducing its price due partly to the tech that was mandatory for its unique controller proposition. Likewise, with the screened, wireless controllers of the Amico, AND with TWO of them included in the system, I imagine they don't have much price flexibility to push it lower. If Amico can't find a large enough makret for whatever strategy they have at $249.99 I wonder if they'll be able to find a market at all due to this.


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