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--- Quote from: BeautifulShy on January 28, 2020, 04:51:03 PM ---Speaking of Atari in general guess who is making a video game hotel in Phoenix.  Yep Atari. Construction is supposed to begin mid 2020.   No idea if it is going to be in downtown Phoenix or someplace else but this is a thing that is happening.

--- End quote ---

We need you to write up a full review of the place when you stay there after its grand opening! If a gaming hotel is anything like modern console gaming, you'll be able to get rooms for half price a few weeks after the Atari Hotel opens.

I'm really disappointed with the amico.  Like, it's been delayed - that's neither surprising nor deal breaking - but...

What should be re-release hype where we're looking at game footage and sizzle reels has come down to constant bickering and squabbles between various mediocre small youtubers, other various mediocre small youtubers, and Tommy Tallarico himself.

I just wanna play fun games, not get invested in pissy youtube drama.

There's two main amico subreddits, one is virtually a mouthpiece for corporate approved messaging and the other is just where everyone shits on everything amico or Tommy Tallarico related.

There's really no where to stay tuned for game-only news without the editorialized bullshit.


For a family-friendly console that's supposed to harken back to the golden days of gaming, it sure seems lost in modern garbage.

one of the problems is youtubers immediate dismissal of all systems not made by Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft.

There could be decent micro-consoles. People tend to focus on how low they predict sales to be  more than whether the product is something fun and worthwhile.

Like the Ouya. It didn't last long, but: it was a kickstarter success, it got me into game programming, and it wasn't vaporware.

As bad as Ouya was at least it wasn't an Infinium Phantom

And eventually maybe one day I'll release the Br00ha

Amico looks like a whole lot of fun.

>one of the problems is youtubers immediate dismissal of all systems not made by Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft.

eh.  Every single system ever is met by doom and gloom by some segment of the online population.  Even those made by the big three.

The difference is, you don't see Bowser or Furukawa rolling around, swinging mud at their online "haters".  Because doing so only gives them a platform and lets then drive the narrative.

Look at how much hate and derision the Wii got when they unveiled it... yet, it was barely acknowledged by Nintendo.

Look at the initial reactions to the XBone presentation... even when Microsoft did acknowledge the negative press, they didn't attack the people themselves, but they addressed the criticisms and even made positive changes based on those criticisms.

Now, with the Amico, when people bring up concerns like input lag on the controller, the conversation shifts from that to how Tommy has haters who are out to destroy his company because they're a bunch of racists who send his family death threats and Nintendo allows rape and child porn on their systems.

And, man, I just wanna play games.  I don't even care if there's a bit of lag.  ****, I own ROB.... you wanna talk input lag.  Is it playable?  Are the games fun?  Show me the games are fun.  That's all I need to know.

Creators should really think twice before they engage with the general public. 90% of the time it isn't a great idea.

Denis Dyack was the first time I remember a public person really succumbing to this. Now, it is common place, and affects people much more famous than Dyack. Social media is a weird thing. Notable people get the most attention, but being a famous person sucks because unlike the mobs of anonymous people famous people get ruined over the smallest controversy. Unless you're a Teflon Don type.


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