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Loads of new Midway titles announced


PGC-Agent Cooper:
At today's Gamers' Summit in Las Vegas, Midway announced a pile of new games for GameCube and GBA!  Check it out...Midway and announced and previewed some of their new games coming out in 2003.  Here's a quick list of what you can look forward too from Midway in the first half of 2003!
GameCube: Gladiator: The Crimson Reign (2003)
Crank the Weasel (2003)
Doomsday Rescue (2003)
Justice League: Injustice for All (2003)
NBA Ballers (2003)
GBA: Defender
Gauntlet: Dark Legacy
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
Dr. Muto
NHL Hitz
NFL Blitz (***all GBA titles should be out this year)


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