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has anyone here been watching the Donald and his new nbc show??? i have a love hate relationship with reality tv. some are done well and some are done poorly, but this one is pretty well i think. whats the deal with omorosa's stupidity?

Shift Key:
I would love to shoot the person who invented reality television. Does that count?

- NintendoFan -:
I have heard of the show just for the fact that he is trying to get "You're Fired" copyrighted.

I don't know about shooting the inventer of the TV, but the moron that created Survivor and started the reality TV craze certainly deserves a painful death. He should be tied to a large tree and then tickets should be sold to viewers so they can take 3 swings at his person with the weapon of their choice.

Hostile Creation:
Reality TV is teh suXX0rs, d00ds.  Though the VH1 look at Fear Factor was decently decent.  Not the best I've seen on VH1, though, probably among my favorite channels.


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