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Lets Keep These Threads Positive

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Well I never visited the old forums as the pop-ups were too annoying, but if they were negative then we should try and change that.

Grey Ninja:
My browser has built in pop-up protection, so the popups didnt' really bother me much.  I just thought the board didn't have any good features, a horrible interface, and were just plain ugly.  These ones look a lot cleaner.

But yeah, I am very much in favor of keeping things positive.  It's always been my experience that if you get a bunch of Nintendo fans together, we always start griping about the way things are going.  It's really weird actually.  

I like this new thing, but why no AVATARS????  IMO, that is the best part of forums!

BTW, it's me strat 2k2, if you haven't guessed already.


--- Quote from: ThePerm on February 01, 2003, 06:57:29 PM ---im spreading propaganda...things ill be quite positive.

--- End quote ---


What is going on here?!?!

***Checks timestamp of all these posts***

Oh. Carry on then.


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