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December is Mario 35th Anniversary Celebration Avatar Month!

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Been meaning to do this a couple times and then we'd get into the month and I'd remember about it too late. Good thing pokepal started is Indie Month of December  ;D game thread to remind me it is the first of a month again. While Nintendo has been doing a lot of Mario stuff already, it just seems right that a Nintendo forum should also be joining in celebrating the man in red.  8) So, here's a chance to put on whatever Mario related avatar you choose, ugly or not, and give everyone's favorite go-karting hero a small salute. (Regular Birdo avatars do not count!  >:( )

I'll start this myself. She was hot, hot, hot in 2018 but cold, cold, cold in 2020. Unlike the internet these days, her head is still horny for her. It's Boooooowwwwsette!

Looks like my job is done here.

Went and found something festive. 


--- Quote from: Adrock on December 02, 2020, 03:11:51 AM ---Looks like my job is done here.

--- End quote ---

Aargh! Thought I covered my bases with no regular Birdo avatars but forgot regular Daisy avatars!


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