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So, before posting this I decided to look at the rules to see if this is OK. 

NintendoWorldReport forums have been my friends and community for years, so writing to you and saying, hey my wife did a thing...and if you are interested in the thing...check it out.  If not.  Cool ignore the thing.  should be fine.  I also decided that hey, other people are creative and other people do things too, so why not make this a thread that we can support each other and help each other.  Seems like a pretty cool thing to do, and we might become inspired by each other and or find a cool thing we might never know we would be interested in. 

So with that, I am starting this thread.  Please post your things, and also if you are interested check out my wife's thing. 


So my wife decided to try writing a book and make it a hobby career.  This has been a dream of hers for awhile but she never thought she would be ready to do it.  Well she finished her first 2 books.  One is free and the other is an Indie published Ebook.  The story is a young adult dystopian story that focuses on being an immigrant.  My wife and I have been expats living in South Korea for over 10 years and she brings her life experience of living in a foreign culture and not knowing the language into the heart of her story and really wants to press the idea that just because someone does seem to fit in with your society doesn't mean they are means they are different.  In their society they may have been something brilliant.  Anyway here is the synopsis of the story. 

They said that the world had ended and the Dome was the only way. They lied.

​​​​​​​ Amia Risk believes two things with her whole heart. One, the world ended in nuclear war about a hundred years ago. And two, the only thing protecting her from the radioactive wasteland outside is the Dome. But a chance encounter with a revolutionary leads her to believe there may be more to the Dome’s history than she previously believe.

​​​​​​​ Armed with this new knowledge, she sets out on a path that will put her at direct odds with the despotic Dome government.   

​​​​​​​ But when the Dome actually comes down, she finds herself an unwanted refugee in the small Virginian town of Wytheville. Now, she must create a new life and identity for herself in a world full of dangers and technologies that she cannot understand. Most importantly, she must hide her past involvement the revolution as it is now the target of the American government. Should the Dome government find her, not only Amia, but all of the revolution will be in grave danger.

​​​​​​​ Can Amia restart her life without getting captured? Or will she be forced to fight not only the Dome but American governments to keep the revolution safe? 

​​​​​​​ Find out in book 1 of the Sammy Silvertooth’s Guide to Revolution Series, The Moxy Byrd.

The book is free and if you are interested check it out.  If you aren't that is OK.  We are still exploring and trying to figure out the demographic for the book.  She believes her voice may be stronger with a female audience, as her sci-fi is a lighter more action-y sci-fi.  The book isn't a traditional Young Adult novel that has characters all aged as teenagers to fit the audience, but follows the story of various aged characters throughout the series. 

Thanks for your consideration. 

Spak-Spang (Steven New)

Of all the suggestions I posted way back when talking about Forum Changes, the one suggestion I still keep bringing up and seems to stay relevant is this one:

--- Quote ---It might be an interesting idea to create a "Forum User's Podcasts" or "Forum User's Content" section. This would provide a spot for the Radio Free Nintendo podcasts to go and be easily collected/grouped. I've always thought it a bit of an awkward fit for them to be grouped in the General Chat forum. This "Forum User's (Something)" forum would be an open forum unlike the other Podcast forum(s) and Talkback which are Reply Only. This way, if other members want to create a podcast, they have a vehicle/section to promote and place them. Plus, we sometimes get a person creating an account here to make a topic in General Chat or Console gaming in order to promote a YouTube video/channel they have or website they've created only to disappear after. Now those lowbrow marketing attempts could be moved over to this subforum and help keep the other forums free of it. As well, if our users want to link or post things like websites they've created, YouTube videos/channels they have or Let's Play links/videos along with Podcasts, this would be the section for it. That's why User Content might be a better catch-all name for it but it is just hypothetical at the moment.
--- End quote ---

Having that section would keep users from always feeling guilty about posting or promoting personal projects.

Anyways, good job to your wife for following through with writing. I've had plenty of ideas but whenever I try to start writing or do the work on it, my enthusiasm soon fizzles out. Just being able to finish writing a book is an accomplishment to be proud of its own. Congrats to her for now doing it twice!

Hey congrats on her for publishing 2 books, and the site says a third is on the way too!

Can't promise I'll give it a read, but I'll add to the TBR list. If I get to it I'll leave a comment.

Discord, thanks for that.  It means a lot.
I don't want anyone to feel guilty or pressure.  I was just excited for her. 

Khushrenda, I like that idea, because it helps promote community.  When I have found out that some of our members are writing game reviews, learning how to create video games in the industry, or are already in the industry I have found it interesting and I want to know more about what they do. A place that we can could link and find content that our friends would create would be interesting.


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