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Mandela Effect

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Alright, so around 2012 I was looking up Kaley Cuoco's IMDB profile and I noticed she had been on an episode of the X-files when she was way younger. If I remember correctly the episode was the one about cockroaches. Anyway, I watched the episode and there she was. She looked the same except she was a teenager. A very small part. I thought it was an interesting early career part.

Years later I'm looking at her IMDB profile and it's missing. Google searches turn up NOTHING. I'm living in an alternate universe.

Interesting! Would probably be season 3, episode 12, titled "War of the Coprophages" if you have a way to go back and check? Seems like the type of DVD box a library might have.

If it's not part of your imagination, then I'm going to create the dullest of possible conspiracies: she, or her agent for whatever reason probably wanted to scrub this one off the records to increase perceived chances of landing some kind of future role? Maybe some show is currently having actors read parts and they specifically want non-X-Files actors!!!!!!

Hey, if Members of Congress are editing their own Wikipedia pages, then what's stopping an actor for pruning their resume a little?

I also don't see it any old Wikipedia archive posts mentioning the X-files.

Rancid Planet:
The Mandela effect is totally real.

For instance, I know for a FACT that in the past KFC didn't give me diarrhea.

Now, every time I order a two piece I have to poop out my insides within the hour.

Total Mandela man.

Have you tried watching that episode again?


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