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So I picked up a new laptop. A Dell Inspiron 3000 to be exact.

--- Quote from: The Specs ---Screen: 11.6 inch 1366 x 768 touch screen
CPU: Quad Core 2.56GHz Intel Pentium N3710
GPU: it has 32mbs of video ram but it might not have a dedicated GPU.
RAM: 4gb
Storage: 500gb HDD

I can upgrade the ram to 8gb and install an SSD which I already have ordered Even without the SSD and RAM upgrades it's still a solid performer for basic web browsing type stuff. I found that watching a twitch stream on Firefox had a weird stuttering issue but on edge the stream ran fine so that's a thing. I haven't tried to stress test it very much yet but it seems to be a pretty capable little device for some of the basic stuff I need it for.

It's also one of those fancy laptop/tablet hybrid things. That's nice.
--- End quote ---

BranDonk Kong:
Did you get hacked? Pretty sure they don't make 1366*768 displays anymore and the N3530 came out 4 years ago. Wouldn't be in any laptop sold these trying to crush you, but if you bought that as "new" you've been had.

BranDonk Kong:
Having said that, Windows 10 is certainly an improvement over 8/8.1. a lot of people still hate it, but it doesn't bother me. In general, Windows is Windows.

They should have paid you to take it away. Moore's law hasn't been a thing for a fair while but that laptop was obsolete back when it first came out.

Buying a Laptop is a pretty bullshit exercise on the low end as every single one of them are already on death's door on usefulness. When they fry themselves it's a small mercy for itself and the user. My last boss brought one of these things despite it in no way fills any of his requirements. It's pretty small, light and err.. black which is all the positives I can think of. Because of his mismatch requirements the first 2 goes out the window as he has to tote an external HDD with it's attendant power supply which doubles the bulk.


This apparently happened last year but it's absolutely hilarious.


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