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SPOILER ALERT: MCU Thread (Quantum-Ant-Man-ia)

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This is the thread for talking without spoiler tags about Marvel Films.

The rules:

* Any MCU film that has released can be talked about here without spoiler tags
* Subject will be updated with each new release to show the most recent film that can be discussed
* All of MCU applies, so movies and TV are fair game so long as it has released/airedSince regional releases can be different follow the subject line for what can be talked about that is new.

Poor Rhody... :-[

Spider-Man was pretty shamelessly inserted. I don't understand why they felt the need to shove so much exposition for the character into the film, and it felt a little ham-handed.

Black Panther should have been the only character introduced in the movie, because his story was extremely well-integrated, unlike Peter's. Don't get me wrong, it was awesome to see Spidey and he did some great stuff, but it was superfluous.

BranDonk Kong:

--- Quote from: Lucario on May 04, 2016, 08:27:12 PM ---Poor Rhody... :-[

--- End quote ---

What? He's still alive.

Anyway, the movie was awesome. Going to see it again this weekend. Definitely the best version of Spider-Man - they introduce him perfectly, no need for an origin story (though I imagine Homecoming will have one). I really don't think he was shamelessly inserted, and as far as we know, this was his first big fight, so his usage had to be limited. I think there was just enough Spider-Man in the movie. I was kind of surprised with the ending, well, the reveal that Zemo killed the other Winter Soldiers in order to get The Avengers to destroy each other. Also kind of surprised to see that in the movie, Bucky (well, Winter Soldier) killed Tony's parents. In the comics they never reveal who caused the car accident that killed them, so I guess this is acceptable (and makes sense). They didn't pull a Sandman (Spider-Man 3), since they've been building up to this reveal since Captain America Winter Soldier came out. Also, Giant Man! Damn that whole scene was awesome. I wonder if they'll bring him back again - maybe to fight Hulk or something.

First, I would love to see The Hulk PUMMEL Giant Man. Literally man-handle him how Ant-Man did Widow. That would be hilarious.

As far as the Bucky killing Howard Stark, that was revealed in an earlier movie... was it Winter Soldier? unless you meant you were surprised to see that they actually showed the murder scene as it happened. But yeah, we, just like Steve, already knew Bucky was responsible for the death of Howard Stark.

That very quick peek at Wakanda had me hyped.
Cap: "You know if they found out we were here... they'd come for us"
Panther: "Let them try"
::pans out across a fog covered landscape and rest on a giant Panther statue::

Panther was dope as ****. in suit, out of suit. don't fucking matter.
and how much you wanna bet Panther gets Cap a brand new shield hand crafted out of that vibranium mine they are sitting on?
And does this also mean that the "Secret Avengers' will be in the Panther "solo" movie?
What does this mean for the Ant-Man and The Wasp movie?

Can I fast-forward time!!!? why can't these movies be released on a more Netflix TV like schedule?
you know... all at once so I can binge watch at my leisure.

and now we all know why Stark is in the homecoming movie. From Pepper Potts To(aunt)mei.
Keeping Peter geared up and out on the streets so (aunt)mei gets Loney, and then Tony can help her keep that couch warm.... as they burn it in the fireplace of the new penthouse suite he buys for her as a "thanks for the sex" gift, like it was a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers. ;) But Spidey/Parker was fun, and everyone will most likely enjoy his "solo" if he carries on like he did in this movie.

Scarlet is one powerful witch. with more practice... I can see not ever being able to be fucked with.
I'm sure Vision will be her match, but he has to not have a soft spot for her first... and figure out how to harness the actual power of the Mind Stone in his forehead.

I'm so relieved that no one actually died.... except for Crossbones.... and King T'Chaka and all those people in the office building and the U.N. Building... but you know what I mean. No Avengers/Heroes kicked the bucket. Poor Rhodes though... although I'm sure Tony will just make him a permanent suit that will allow him to walk, and problem solved.

I really think that Widow could have her own movie... maybe a lower-key Netflix Original 2hr spy action flick. Her action was pretty bad-ass in this movie as well.

And Rogers getting that Agent Carter play however he could. Never got to bang out the original... so bang out the most recent model instead. I salute you Steve Rogers.

I do have some criticisms for the movie as well, nothing major, but I'll save those for another day.


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