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Who here is into Hip-Hop/Rap?

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So who's into Hip-Hop/Rap?


Infernal Monkey:
I'm not into hipping. Or hopping. I tend to fall over alot. As for rapping? Nah, I can't wrap christmas presents. I'm hopeless. They end up looking like poo.

i like insane clown posse and beastie boys and thats about it

I like rock, and movie scores.
I only really listen to rap if it's just good enought that I can stand it, and it's got a good tune.
I can, however, listen to it in the car (or my friend's car), since turning up the volume to max, and the bass to overload is what rap is all about.

*in best Dr Evil accent*
Is that rap? Or is that RnB?
I don't know genres.


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