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Soccer Discussion: 1.67% Chance of Being the Best Thread on the NWR Forums

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First off, it's great to see another Sounders fan here. As for Suarez, he seems like he can be a bit of a dick (as a hockey fan, it pissed me off when he refused to shake the guy's hand; you have to let it go), but I can look past that if he puts up results on the pitch. Of course, if he keeps getting suspended he won't be able to do that.

I'm scared to death of Tevez and what he's going to do with City's chemistry during the stretch run. I can almost sense the disappointment as the season slips away during the final weekends.

Sevilla looks ok to avoid relegation, but I'd feel better if they weren't just 6 points clear of 18th.

USA plays Italy today. Lets hope the US can make it an interesting match.

An analyst pointed out that the in the last two matches between US and Italy the US seemed pretty in control until they went a man down. However, the US has never beaten Italy, who are the only team they've played that many times they haven't beaten.

Beautiful pass from Michael Bradley to Jozy Altidore, who lays it off for Clint Dempsey who finds the back of the net, and the US leads 1-0. Dempsey becomes only the fourth American to score against Italy. Still 27 minutes left....


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