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Soccer Discussion: 1.67% Chance of Being the Best Thread on the NWR Forums

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Game. USA.

Great defending during those last 15 minutes.

I just watched a summary of the USA-Italy game. I'm impressed. You've got a great goalkeeper, and Jurgen Klinsmann as the coach. Awesome.

The men beat Italy, the women stomp Denmark, and the U23 (Olympic) team takes down Mexico. All in all, a fantastic day for American soccer.


It terms of raw potential, the USA should have all the players they need to win the World Cup several times over. It's just that the most physically talented people would rather aspire to play football or basketball.

Europe should be thankful that the sport is only marginally popular in this country, because if it were even half as popular here as it is everywhere else we'd completely dominate international play thanks to our massive advantage in population, and therefore our talent pool.

With the amount of money in American sports, MLS could be a top tier league rivaled only by England or Spain if the sport could gain more popularity here. Every strong performance by the national teams increases interest, and the potential market.

Speaking of MLS, I am hugely excited for the season to start. I really want to see an MLS team win the Champions League this year, ideally the Sounders but I'd settle for Toronto or even, god forbid, the Galaxy. I want to shut up some of the loudmouth Mexican league fans.


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