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Soccer Discussion: 1.67% Chance of Being the Best Thread on the NWR Forums

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First off, if you have a problem with me calling it that, take your bitching elsewhere. That's its name in my country.

In about a year and a half I've gone from hating soccer to rearranging my sleep schedule to be up for Liverpool-Manchester United tomorrow morning (Go Liverpool!). The World Cup hooked me, and I've gotten more and more into it since then. My main interest is Major League Soccer, and I am hugely excited for my Sounders to make a run in the Champions League, take the Shield and the Cup, and win their fourth straight US Open Cup. Since it's the offseason for them, I've been following the EPL, choosing Liverpool as my team. It's been a rough year for them; they've had real trouble scoring goals, but I've been enjoying following them.

So how many other people here follow the sport? What leagues and teams interest you the most?

I do.

EPL: Arsenal
La Liga: Valencia
Seria A: Juventus
Bundesliga: Bayern Munich (it has my favorite player, Bastian Schweinsteiger)
Brasileirão: Corinthians (also my favorite team to play as in Fifa; so far undefeated)

Favorite National Teams to Watch

1st - Any African Team (if I had to choose, Ghana)
2nd - Germany
3rd - South Korea
4th - Urugauy
5th - Mexico

**** Ghana. I've had enough of their bullshit the last two World Cups. And you should check out MLS; its quality has really improved in the last few years.


S.L. Benfica from the Portuguese league, and Real Madrid (Spain) because there's a bunch of Portuguese players + coach + Ozil. Nothing beats Ozil.


Reborn NASL (US 2nd Division): Puerto Rico Islanders
EPL: Manchester City
La Liga: Sevilla
MLS: Seattle Sounders
Mexican: America

Obligatory question since we're talking about Liverpool: what do you really think about Luis Suarez?


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