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World Toilet Day is right around the corner!

yep, ladies restrooms are usually about twice as filthy i'm a nightshift janitor and i can say at least where i work this is true.


--- Quote from: Brandogg on November 16, 2011, 08:48:07 PM ---You know that feeling you get when you sit down to take a **** in a public restroom, and your dong touches the front edge of the toilet...that's the best feeling in the world.

--- End quote ---

obligatory response/put-down: I throw mine over my shoulder to avoid just that.

I'm going to show self control and not post my responses because they sound mean.

Ian Sane:

--- Quote from: broodwars on October 21, 2011, 11:39:27 AM ---If you think the bathrooms are bad in NA, never try the ones in some European countries.  I was in Paris, France some years ago, and the public restrooms were practically HazMat zones...and you had to pay to use them.

--- End quote ---

Agreed.  I was in Rome earlier this year.  Not only do many toilets cost 1 Euro (that's like, what $1.50 to take a piss?!!) but they often don't even have seats!  You have to take a **** sitting directly on the porcelain!  I also noticed a lot of them auto-flush.  I don't mean you get off the can and it flushes automatically with a sensor.  I mean it is flushing the entire time.  So it splashes back and it feels like you're shitting in a bidet with water constantly splashing you in the ass.  I am in shock that they have the gall to charge for said bathrooms.  Everytime I used one I would tell my Dad afterwards "you know if they tried this pay toilet crap in America, especially with THESE toilets, I'll bet people would just piss and **** on the floor in front of the bathroom out of protest."

One thing that was kind of funny is that Rome's toilets were filthy but the Vatican's were spotless and all FREE.

I'm convinced that Europeans put up with it due to ignorance of the superior public washroom situation in North America.


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