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All Things Netflix! Coming Soon: The Netflix Experience, Live and In Person!??

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I don't know why we don't have a dedicated Netflix thread, but here it is.
If it relates to Netflix (& Qwikster) we can discuss it here.

Q: WTF is Qwikster!?

A: Netflix recently split their rental service into 2 pieces.
Streaming & Disc Rentals

This split is being taken one step further by calling the online streaming Netflix and the disc rentals Qwikster.

Netflix= Online Streaming Only
Qwikster = DVD/Bluray movies & Videogame (Wii,PS3,360) rentals
["Qwikster, Rent Movies, TV Shows, and Video Games starting at only $7.99 a month."]

Now assuming that Netflix Qwikster gets games to you as quickly as they do movies (1 day turn around), then I have to ask..... goodbye Gamefly?

So who here has a Netflix/Qwikster account?

I have Netflix but haven't used it in a while because I'd have to agree with Sony's forced "don't sue us" user agreement. I could watch it on the Wii but then I'd have to plug it in which is too much work.

Probably won't get Quikster. I don't watch DVDs soon or often enough to justify the price. Also, I'm currently reaping the benefits of Spotify which is the best invention since Jesus. I've been watching fewer movies since my best friend sent me the invite.

Hell yeah, video games!

I wonder if they're changing the branding of the physical DVD service so they can sell of that part of the company...

As long as I just migrate over on my DVD side of things then yeah I love to get games too.  I loved Gamefly but with the time sink that is my son I couldn't justify it anymore.  Though I would hope they fully emulate Gamefly.  Being able to just buy games you wanted at use price with a disc you've proven works is great.

This is sad. Why discard the brand recognition and loyalty that has been built up for over a decade? It's obvious that they're looking to essentially phase out the disc-based model. It has far more overhead, and supposedly less public interest. Separate billing, separate queues and ratings? Separate names and even companies? It's not a good move for the customer, but does show obvious intent relative to the future of their disc based services. If they were serious about maintaining their mail services, they would at least keep the billing and interface integrated. From there, what each customer see as being available could be based on exactly what subscription plan they have (streaming, just discs, Blu-Ray, games, etc).

The next move will be to scuttle the disc-based service altogether, claiming that it doesn't make enough money. Of course, Netflix will continue to offer a lackluster selection of streaming content that only works on certain systems, costs them an arm and a leg due to studio greed, and doesn't distinguish itself from the competition in any fundamental manner.

I guess I'll be seeing envelopes branding with that retarded Qwister name before too long. I expect this is the beginning of the end for the service however. It might take two or three years, but this is it right here. I hope the new Netflix enjoys pandering to the competition, begging to be allowed to stream content and paying extra for it not to expire on them mid-season.


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