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Hockey Discussion: The Leafs Would Like To Borrow Taylor Hall's Horseshoe

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Hockey season is back and in the first game of the year the Flyers beat the Penguins 6-3, so take that, Khush!

Hahaha! Pittsburgh teams on a losing streak right now. Good thing I forgot about the game and just played SNES games instead. However, this reminds me of something I was going to suggest to you a couple days ago and change the Honk!/Honk!! system to Browns/Steelers. You got the admin powers. You should be taking advantage of things like that!

They play again on Friday, so I've got a chance for 4 in a row.

Beyond just the win, tonight's game was super promising for the Flyers. Going into the season there were a few things that seemed like they could be the difference between the Flyers being a good-to-really-good team and being a true Stanley Cup contender, and at least for one game a lot of them look pretty nice. Getting Nolan Patrick back after missing all of last season was big, and tonight he had a goal and generally looked good. Improving the power play after an awful showing in last year's playoffs was hugely important, and they went 2 for 3. And Joel Farabee showed some signs of a potential breakout season coming in, then scored 4 points tonight. All in all a very nice start.

Now I'm no fan of the Philadelphia Flyers but, man!, are they starting to win me over this season. A 10 game losing streak which they later followed up with a 13 game losing streak?! Letting Crosby score his 500th goal against them! Be still my heart. They've got one more game against the Penguins this year and I hope they keep up this goodwill by losing once more and giving the Pens a 4-0 season sweep on them.

I'm just mad they took it to overtime last night. Beating the Penguins would have been fun, and they really should have given the lead they had, but if you're going to lose, lose in regulation. Can't be needlessly hurting our draft position like that.


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