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The Fast Food Thread - Would You Like Posts With That?

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All this fast food talk has got me curious. If you can only choose one meal from each fast food restaurant, what would it be? For the sake of extra fun, you can choose one item from the active menu and an item that is defunct or only appears for a limited time each year. And no, I'm not doing a rate the last food you ate thread.
My choices
Active - McChicken (see The McRib is Back thread)
Defunct/Limited - Pizza. McDonald's has a great habit of seeing what people aren't buying at their restaurant and then offering it for awhile to try and get people to fight the competition. They've done it with salads and submarine type sandwhiches. These often fade pretty fast. In theat vein, one thing they offered in the early 90's was pizza and it was actually pretty good. I remember they had a pizza Happy Meal and I loved it. While most of the other pizza offerings soon disappeared, the Happy Meal/Individual size lasted awhile longer until also fading into obscurity. I wish I had ate more of it while I could.
Active - This might be the toughest on my list because all their offerings are gold. It comes down to the Spicy Chicken or Bacon Deluxe Double and I'm going with the Bacon Deluxe Double because it is a more hearty offering. This is a bit of new thing. Normally I always got the Double Classic but I really like the Applewood Smoked Bacon Wendy's uses. I never thought bacon added that much to a burger to be worth the extra price it usually is but when I tried the Bacon Deluxe Double, I haven't looked back to the Double Classic yet. It is the most common thing I order from the menu these days.
Defunct/Limited - Bacon Mushroom Melt. I can only dream that someday it will be a regular menu item. Until then, I'll just have to keep stocking up on them for the limited time they are offered. That melted cheese sauce. Mmmmmmmmm.
Active - Another tough choice since I eat here regularly and love a lot of the subs. But if I had to say there was one supreme sub, I'm going with the Beef and Swiss Melt. Exquisite. Especially when winter rolls around. That sub keeps a man sane. I might have gone with the Chicken Carbonara since both subs use the Alfredo sauce but in the past couple months, Quiznos changed their chicken so that it has some herbs in it and it throws off the taste of their chicken subs. So, stand tall and proud Beef and Swiss Melt
Defunct/Limited - I could spend a lot of time on this one. There have been a lot of subs that have come and gone. While I'd like to name 6 or 7, it comes down to two, The Buffalo Chicken and the Roast Beef Dip. As much as I like spicy food, I'm going with the Roast Beef Dip for two reasons. 1. It was tasty! It was freakin' good. 2. The sub used a French Onion sauce or something that I liked to use for the Prime Rib & Peppercorn Sub instead of the peppercorn sauce they use on it. So, for making two delicious subs from one, Roast Beef Dip is most deserving of being reinstated to the Quiznos menu.
And now a bunch of restaurant that I can't think of anything defunct/limited that I would want or remember so I'm just sticking with the active portion.
A & W
Active - Papa Burger. I love mustard on burgers.
Dairy Queen
Active - Original Double Cheeseburger. The mustard, cheese, pickles, and ketchup mix so well with the hamburger and cause a taste high.
Burger King
Active - Steakhouse XT Burger. I'm really not a fan of Burger King. I don't like their fires and I've never cared for the Whopper. But I tried this recently and I'm sticking with it. There is a bit of a weird taste to their BBQ sauce but I can live with it and doesn't completely ruin the burger but I do wish they'd at least fix that.
Taco Bell
Active - Cheesy Gordita Crunch with Supreme Fries. For people who don't think Taco Bell does a good job of making Mexican Food, they nailed it with this meal. Any argument made against this offering will fall on deaf ears to busy chewing down another Gordita Crunch.
Active - Roast Chicken Sub. Rule #1. Don't get your sub toasted at Subway. They don't know how to do it. #2. Order the Roast Chicken. It doesn't matter what veggies you use, it will taste great. Heck, I'll just get the works most of the time. Just make sure you get the right sauces to complement the chicken. Sweet Onion and Honey Mustard. You can add Mayo if you want put Salt and Pepper will be enough with those two. I guess you could grab a couple cookies to complete the meal. 1 Chocolate chip with M&M's and a White Macadamia Nut should do just fine. You can thank me now.
Red Robin's
Active - Maybe not fast food but with all this burger talk, I just had to mention them. The Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Burger is one of the ultimate burger experiences. It starts out slow as you mouth learns the different components of the burger. But at the halfway point, the mouth can't keep up from the flavor overload and at the end, you are having a high from your burger. Sit for 10 minutes afterwards to let your senses return while the flavor slowly fades to memory.
Pizza Hut
Active - One last mention off the top of my head. I do like Pizza Hut pizza. It's best if you eat in and get it while it is greasy fresh. That said, it's not my number one Pizza choice. That's Panagos. However, what is great is the pasta they've been carrying for a good year or so. I love their Creamy Chicken Alfredo. What a great lunch. I do love pasta. What's a bit unusual compared to a lot of other Alfredo offerings by other restaurants is that they put on a lot of cracked black pepper in the sauce. Surprising at first, I've really come to like it a lot. Good job Pizza Hut.
So, those are my choices. Being in Canada, we don't have all the restaurants you have in the states like In N Out Burger or WhiteCastle. But don't let that stop you from mentioning them if you want to. I'm curious to see who's tastes we agree with and who we differ from.

Standard Plain Hamburger, just pickles, onions, and ketchup.

Junior Bacon Cheeseburger
I used to work at Wendy's and yes the meat is real, your cook is often covered with blood. Things are kept meticulously fresh and that's why its better.
and if its there the Jalapeno Double.

Chicken Carbonara, its sad to hear that they may have changed up the flavor since it was so right.

Burger King
um....yeah im not a big Burger King I'll just get a kids meal.

Dairy Queen
Oreo Blizzard....but im semi-lactose intolarant especially if i eat how about a Strawberry Limeade

Panda Express
Orange Chicken, but im sick of Panda Express.

Tokyo Rice Bowl
Teriyaki Chicken/w rice

Yokohama Rice Bowl
Yakitori Chicken/w rice

Taco Bell
Chicken Grilled Stuft Burrito

Mr. Gs- yeah you don't have these where you live. Bean and Cheese Burrito, 12 rolled tacos

Cold Cut not sure what they call it now, but ham and turkey with swiss cheese and then add olives, mustard, mayo, avocado, and bacon.

Pizza Hut
Pepperoni Pizza, sure you can put a lot of things on a pizza and i'd eat it, but I prefer the classic.

In N Out Burger
Double Animal Style

Jack in the Box
I stopped eating there, their food is just too greasy, but when I did I'd eat a Sour Dough Jack

Carls Junior
Same as Jack in the Box, but actually i never liked Carl's Junior ever.

The thing I would prefer to eat in most all situations
A Lamb Kabab or a Gyro, or Sushi

Favorite Sushi
Unagi, followed by las vegas and volcano rolls, followed by dragon rolls, always accompanied with an Uni Shooter.


When I go out I'm all about value. You have to know how to get the most for your money at these places.

McDickerson's - McDouble meal with a jr.chicken on the side. This costs about 7 bucks (which is less than a big mac meal) and then you take the jr.chicken and put that bad boy in between the patties in the mcdouble. I like to call it the McGangBang and that's what winning looks like.

A&W - had to eat here all the time in university because it was on campus and it took debit... $4 for two mamma burgers was a pretty good deal.

Subway - another university favourite. You can't go wrong with a $5 footlong meatball sub.

Quiznos- When they had the $5 footlong beef and cheddar I was all over that. Since they took it off the $5 menu I have switched to the ham and swiss or meatball sub.

Pizza Pizza - This is clutch because it's open late and it's good to have an option other than Dickerson's. Usually me and my friend will get plenty for $20. That's 10 wings, 3 topping large pizza 2 dipping sauces and 4 cokes. A little more expensive than usual, but you get a lot more and I'm guaranteed to be full.

I've got a couple other places, but they're local joints so unless you live in toronto they're no good for this thread. I'm always looking for places with good deals on food, I love food.


--- Quote ---Quiznos- When they had the $5 footlong beef and cheddar I was all over that. Since they took it off the $5 menu I have switched to the ham and swiss or meatball sub.

--- End quote ---

I think you should still be able to get the Beef and Chedder. There are a few menu options I can still ask for and get at my Quiznos even though they are not on the menu. I don't see why they couldn't make this. It's a simple sub and they would still carry all the ingredients. As for the Ham & Swiss, ask for it with Honey Mustard instead of Mayo. The taste difference is phenomenal. Quiznos ham and their honey mustard sauce blend so well together.

Ian Sane:
All these would be the Canadian version of said chain but I'll put a few American exclusives at the bottom.

McDonalds: McChicken

Wendy's: Used to be Big Bacon Classic but it's been replaced by the Bacon Deluxe which I don't like as much.  It's more or less the same thing only it costs a lot more.  I've been getting the Classic Single recently just because it's affordable.

A&W: Mozza Burger though I rarely go here because the prices are too high.

Burger King: Whopper

Dairy Queen: No favourite.  I don't go here much.  When I do I try to go for any promotional deal if there is one.

Quizno's: Tuna sub.

Subway: Pizza sub.

KFC: I go if there is a deal and usually just get the Original Recipe.

Taco Bell: I hate this place yet somehow I end up there once in a while.  I usually get the basic tacos and then feel sick.

American exclusives:

Jack in the Box: Sourdough Jack - BEST FAST FOOD BURGER IN THE WORLD

Carl's Jr.: Famous Star

In-N-Out Burger: Double Double


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