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Building A Computer - $800 Budget - New Build for 2021!!

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So my computer is up and running, I figured out how to access the M.2 drive finally.
couldn't have done it without a partner SSD I guess....
But, now I want to make the M.2 the boot drive and move the Windows install onto it.
Is that a wise decision?
I want my back up SSD for all my software and games
and then my old HDD to continue to be storage of all my old stuff.

I also need to figure out how to play with the lights through software, but that's a task for a different day.

Installing Windows on an SSD is a great performance improvement. I've never moved an install so no idea how easy or difficult it would be to complete.

I decided to not overcomplicate things and leave it alone.

Instead I need to figure out how to control the lighting through the motherboard by way of an app/program.

Did you hardware not come with it's own program? I'd check the manufacturer site and see if they have any tools linked there for you.

Turns out I hooked up the Cooler Master Water Cooler incorrectly.... I found another video on installation while trying to figure out how to control the lights....

I just need to connect an extra cable to make it all work.
(and that cable is in a very very hard place to reach w/o un-assembling a few items first :/)

here is the video that makes the installation SO SIMPLE, unlike the previous 3-4 vids and the absolutely useless instruction manual that it comes with.

I really wish this was the first vid I had run across.... -_-

So i followed that video and plugged in the missing cables. I restarted the computer, and Dragon Center still isn't reading the GPU, RAM, nor the CoolerMaster.
The lights all work, but I can't do software control over anything but the built in MB lights. :?

There are a 2 more cables in the bag, but unless I know where their supposed to go... I'm not sure what to do with them. The instructions are literally useless for hooking up the controller portions of this device.

edit2: downloaded the software for the RAM and the GPU, ARGB working on those from the dedicated software.
Dragon software reads the RAM as present, but doesn't control it like it's supposed to.

The COOLER MASTER LIQUID ML360R RGB on the other hand.... software working about as good as the instructions in the manual. (read: as not at all)
I load the latest firmware #0008, says it detects the cooler, and then wants to force an upgrade to "latest firmware #0023". Once that completes, it says it no longer detects the cooler master :/

this has just become another tomorrow problem.


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