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Building A Computer - $800 Budget - New Build for 2021!!

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I'm trying to build a complete system for my girl and she gave me a budget of $800 to do it with.
I decided to try an AMD system this time since it seems to be cheaper for similar to Intel parts, but the only problem is that I've built her what I think is a pretty badass system (minus video card) but can't get it under $854 shipped.

This includes the motherboard, CPU, monitor, RAM, Kb/m, PSU, case, HDD & DVD Burner.

I actually typed this up once already and this stupid laptop I'm using somehow erased everything I've typed already, so I'm gonna keep it brief this time. This search happened mostly between Tiger Direct &

Motherboard/CPU bundle - $289
WD 1TB HDD - $95
Ultra 500W PSU - $40
Cooler Master Mid Tower Case - $38
View Sonic 23" Monitor - $189
Logitech Wireless Kb/M - $35
OCZ DDR3 PC3 10666 1333 Mhz RAM (8GB) - $138
Samsung 22x (DL?)DVD Burner - $20

Can you guys help me build a bad ass computer for $800 shipped?
I've shown you what I've found so far, but I haven't even included a video card that does dual monitor support.

I also found this on ($900+tax)

i could use a tb badly.

What do you want to do with this computer?

Do you have an Operating System?

An easy way to save money would be to use a smaller HD. Unless you're storing a lot of HD movies.

I will be doing everything* on this computer.

streaming videos, games, multi-monitor multi-tasking, websurfing, work.

if possible, I might even try the Dolphin Emulator.

*nothing that justifies a 6core processor
but she wanted a computer better than my C2Q 3GB DDR2 machine.
So I think the motherboard and processor are most flexible as that is what cost the most.

Something that uses DDR3 though and is atleast a Quad core(AMD) is preferrable.

I figure if i go with a QuadCore AMD I can also throw in a multi-monitor video card and come back to where I am now, which is only slightly over budget.

Have you checked out Tech Report's Spring 2010 System Guide?


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