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Geez BnM watches a lot of tv.

Tv for me is something thats usually just on in the background as i do other things, like cook, clean or browse the forums at home. When its on i usually just keep it on comedy central (makes it easy to get entertainment out of it because usually you don't HAVE to be watching to get the jokes) or in the mornings i'll put on the local news to catch the weather/traffic before work, thats about it.

There are no shows i'm interested in enough to have that "oh man, ___ is on tonight, gotta watch it!", because i never catch any of these new shows. Sure some of them look good, or the impressions you guys give make them sound good, but I never make the efford to catch these shows. Perhaps one day I'll get a tivo or something and start watching these shows when its convenient.

I've been watching Burn Notice Season 2 on DVD this week. This show keeps a good balance between fun and serious, character development and plot. Miami is a pretty town to film in and the show feels different than what's currently on television.


--- Quote from: EasyCure on August 18, 2009, 11:15:41 AM ---Geez BnM watches a lot of tv.

--- End quote ---

I have DVR, Netflix & OnDemand. I watch almost everything at my leisure.
I could rate the hell out of the movie thread too, but most of them would be movies you never heard of, I wouldn't really recommend, and you probably wouldn't want to watch (thanx Netflix...).

I also watch almost everything (except the best shows) while surfing the internet at the same time. I'm a great multi-tasker like that.

NinGurl69 *huggles:
Colossal Squid:  10 tentacles out of 10

That was one huge slippery mofo.

breaking bad 10/10

weeds 8/10 First 2 seasons 10/10

dexter 10/10

lost 10/10

Californication 8/10

Dead like Me 9/10  Great Show, but sucks how it ended though and the movies wasn't great


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