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Holy Crap! *New Tech/Gadget Thread*

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Well it went from funny to hilarious. That is almost not a non-sequitur.


The Future is HERE!!! I saw this at the military parade a few weeks ago, and it still boggles my mind how it's possible

look how fast this dude flew away, how steady it looked.
This has to be a hoax of some kind.

Assuming it's legit, I wonder what the range is on a full tank
I wonder what the weight capacity is with something so small
I also wonder how loud it actually is to operate.

the article states he went 35km with refuel stop halfway
he was also flying at over 100mph... I wonder what the top speed is.

he is also currently working on a flying car.
if he can figure out how to make it work with just electricity... oh wow.

From his previous attempt a few days ago, he ran out of gas right before hitting the refueling platform so that's about it's limit. Though he blames the French Government for not allowing him to go with his original idea of refueling mid air....

I just bought a 256 GB USB stick for $20. I also bought a 4TB External Drive for $89.

Also, DAL-E 2 is a thing.

You give a computer a prompt and it autogenerates several versions of the prompt in 20 seconds.

norman rockwell painting of the terminator

A frog in a cowboy hat

Where's Waldo in the Style of Salvador Dali


A different take.

A watermelon turtle walking a tighjrope

Photo of an oversized grizzly bear delivering a pizza

A dog surfing a wave of spaghetti.

Also GPT-3 I had like an hour long conversation with the thing.


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