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I recently saw both Drag Me To Hell and Up (back to back) and they are both great.

Drag Me to Hell is exactly what you want from a horror movie: entertainment. There are some jumpy parts, but there is nothing in there that will haunt your dreams. I really have only one complaint with the movie, but otherwise it was overall funny, scary, and entertaining. A perfect date movie.


Up is fantastic. Everything about it; from the art direction, scripting, and animation is well done and sophisticated. I found myself laughing out loud more than a couple times. And likewise, I found myself moved more than a couple times. It's a great story.


12 Rounds. I knew when i saw that when it was produced by WWE Studios i knew this was going to be a train wreck. Massive plot holes, highly episodic (meaning the events that happen right before mean almost nothing), and there was almost no humour at all.

EDIT: And the director seemed to have a fetish with car crashes. I counted at least a dozen!


star trek 8.75/10

You could do better than that.

BranDonk Kong:
Terminator Salvation 8.5/10
I'm sure the extended, unrated Blu Ray version will get a 10/10.


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