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:o what's this? A thread not about some lame TV show, movie or comic book in General Caht? **** what are we gunna do? Well too bad, this thread is about dreams. So lately I've been remembering a lot of my dreams. Dunno why, normally I never do. But last nights was so great I just gotta jot down what I can remember of it.

Ok so I was a fucking lion. I dreamt I was a lion. I rolled in a pack of 6. There was one big leader lion, myself and another like, nearly fully grown male lions, a lioness and two cubs. Early parts of the dream are hazy but I definitely recall the leader lion bragging about his mane and telling me and the other guy not to worry and that one day our manes will be luscious like his. He claimed his mane helped defend him from gunfire. I guess they cushioned the bullet's impact or something.

Anyway so we were in the suburbs, well not really Busselton is still it's own town. In dreams nothing is quite right but it felt like Manson st. So we're going down Manson street, turning onto Bower cos we're heading to a BBQ or something we've been invited too. Anyway it was a human BBQ, so we were a bit uneasy because some humans discriminate against Lions. We get to the BBQ, which is held at where the cricket nets at the school are supposed to be. You know, near Jonesy's place. So we're there and there is tension. The other adolescent lion was getting narky with some **** and some other guy was being aggressive so I jsut put a big paw out over his arm and gave him a glare that said 'watch it'.

I dunno what happend next exactly, but the situation escalated. The lioness just looks at me, knowing **** is about to start and says 'Roland, get Serra! Go!" So I scoop the cub Serra up with my paw and place her (or him?) on my back, tell her to hang onto my mane and just bound off as fast as I could across the oval. I quickly slowed down when I realised that Serra might fall off but had to keep up a steady pace as I heard a whole lot of commotion behind me. As I turn alongside Jenson I see the other lions fleeing out of the BBQ, one of them looks like the've got a bloody arm in their mouth so I guess we killed some guy? All the humans were chasing ater us with sticks. They belted for Bower Rd as I ran parallel on my side of the oval. The humans weren't much match for us and we jumped over the road and over the Denholm's back fence into some other house.

But it wasn't a house at all! It was like some sorta, buddhist praying place. We were still concerned about the humans so we hid on the roof overlooking the pool. It was around this time I realised that I didn't have Serra with me anymore, I guess she fell off as we crossed the oval. The other lions seemed unconcerned as survival of the fittest was the way of the jungle and Serra would just have to fend for herself. Anyway then I guess the buddhists stopped meditating in their putha (this was the word my dream decided a Buddhist meditation chamber with a pool was called) They were all children and they all had a calming influence on us lions. They didn't seem to mind that we were hiding out on their roof. Several of the buddhist kids sat with us and said nothing.

Then I woke up.

Anyone else have any ridiculous dreams or have to put up with psychotic housemates' night terrors (another post maybe) what about meanings behind dreams?

I haven't had many dreams recently. This dream was from when I was 14 so 11 years ago.

I remember falling from the sky and landing in the sand.There was sand everywhere.Basically I was stuck in the sand and wasn't really going anywhere.Before I woke up I was sinking in the sand my head was almost underneth the sand.Then I woke up.

I took the dream to mean that I wasn't making much progress in life.

:O What a like. What's that word? What an insightful thought regarding your dream! Do you recall how it felt or anything? I am totally convinced that the body plays all kinds of sensory tricks during r.e.m. for example I'vehad dreams where I've woken up while I was holding something, be it someone's hand, a pipe or whatever and I'll wake up and feel intense pins and needles in my hand. One time I had a partially clenched fist holding something and as I was awake I opened my hand and it felt like all my fingers were at least twice as big as they are. It's hard to describe.

Well it was annoying in the dream.I saw this palace in the distance.So I wanted to go.It is annoying that I couldn't go anywhere.

I remember clinching my fists in one dream.I was fighting somebody.As I was waking up I had my clinched fists still.I woke up looked down and opened my hand and for a few seconds my hand appeared bigger than it was.
I think when you wake up there is a few seconds where things aren't as they should be.Once you regain your mental faculties well everything is normal.

I dreamt I was watching a movie that was taken from a comic book, and then I learned it was being turned into a television series. What a nightmare!

Well, someone had to do it. :P

I've had dreams where I was punching someone but it was like punching underwater. Like no matter how hard I tried, it just wasn't good enough.


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