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Official "Happy Birthday Internet Friend" Thread

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that Baby guy:
Look, just because you don't believe a man can have a birthday every single day doesn't mean it can't happen.

Happy Birthday, Uncle Bob!

Here's definitive proof that it's possible for a man to live 2000 years. Happy birthday Uncle Bob!


--- Quote from: Pale on February 17, 2008, 09:10:48 AM ---Guys, I don't think it's really Uncle Bob's birthday.  ;)

--- End quote ---

Should we assume that Bob's birthday is actually May second?  Birthday entry is setup like so: Year (YYYY) - Month (MM) - Day (DD).  If you didn't look too closely, and just wanted to enter the month and day (leaving out the year) only the year and month fields would get completed.

Since the forum thinks Bob is 2003 years old, he must have entered 5 for the year (thinking it was month) and 2 (i.e. February) for the month (thinking it was the day).

So am I right?

Bill Aurion:
Happy Birthday everyone who has a birthday in February! (I am far too lazy to do this everyday...)

that Baby guy:
Happy Birthday BlacknMild!

Oh, and happy birthday, Unclebob.


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