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Grand Theft Auto Trio Pulls Into eShop in November, Physical December


Yep, there it is.http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/news/58730/grand-theft-auto-trio-pulls-into-eshop-in-november-physical-decemberUntold number of crashed cars and other crimes are just a few weeks out.Rockstar released a new trailer for the upcoming Switch release of the Grand Theft Auto trilogy (3, Vice City, San Andreas) and confirmed a dual release. The set will launch on the eShop on November 11, and a physical copy will be available on December 7. The eShop page (which has open preorders now) lists the file size at 13.1GB: it is not known if the physical version will use a 16GB card to cover this or if a download would be required.Rockstar also confirmed that Grove Coast Games, previously known as War Drum Studio and a group experienced in porting GTA games, will handle this new remaster.

I'm curious if they'll get all the music licenses back. If they do I'll probably get it on Switch, otherwise I'll go for PC with whatever music they didn't get licensed modded in.


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